Recent network problems (PC)


Anyone getting this recently? in the past week i am constantly losing connection on defend. I never get told im being disconnected but everyone stops moving and gets stuck on what ever animation they were in and i just end up having to quit. I’m having no network issues with anything else on my PC or with any other device.

Its even more annoying because its always defend and defend if the only mode where i can play behemoth efficiently.


Behemoth does this pretty commonly it seems, even in Hunt. It has to be something with the Behemoth, haven’t seen it with any other monster.


I have only seen it with behemoth and once wraith, lucky for us because that wraith was about to wreck us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


i hope they get on this soon or im just gonna end up never coming back :s


I think the netcode needs another pass, or perhaps 2k skimped on the servers, I get terrible lag at least once or twice every night and I doubt I go 24hrs without seeing some kind of latency glitch.


i thing on behemoth it has something to do with fissure climbing up a wall as i noticed.