Reccommendations for Developers


This is to cover all the other categories of the game that don’t already have a page for them

My recommendation is that hunters can stopped by the mobile arena, as I saw the assault just walk straight through it
it fell short of the monster and the guy thought he was trapped inside it. I know this is game, but can there be some explanation as to why a giant force field only stops the monsters


I would recommend making one of the hunters hum “Mother” (music that plays in the background of the Evolve trailer) as a cool little easter egg. Maybe they could hum it on the dropship or when they were hunting


:smile: yeah maybe would be a little funny could become an Aprils fools thing and a special free monster Easter bunny skin for the monster


No stupid skins.


ok (won’t let my reply be less than 10 characters so added this on)


They can’t walk through the mobile arena, the Trapper has to deactivate it.


You can walk in, you just can’t walk out.


Commands for player interactions.

Some games have it where one player can high-five another, or exchange words, or do any kind of two person animation.

Would just add to the multiplayer experience in a fun way.

Doesn’t have to be anything silly like dancing.

Could be as simple as a “Talk to [X]” button that makes your character talk about or to whatever is in front of them or is highlighted. It’s a interesting way to show character relationships and possible backstory things. Hell, it would be cool if it was also able to be used on wildlife and plants in the area to have the players make comments about them.


That was most likely a bug then. One of the devs (most likely @MacMan but not sure) confirmed that anyone can ENTER the mobile arena but NOBODY can leave. So if the arena goes down and you were outside of it, you can still go in to help your team but you cannot leave unless the trapper drops the arena.

EDIT: Ooops, I see other people already replied about this!


Why do I feel like that dancing comment is targeting another first-person, space-age, upcoming game specifically?


That would be fantastic.


It wasn’t but which one do you mean?


Destiny, lmao.


A two on four mode.
One fully evolved monster and another one capped at level two(or level one) evolution, you can call it Mother Mode. I feel it would be pretty fun and challenging tackling two monsters at once, instead of making a hard mode that just gives them more HP.


Mother mode. That sounds interesting.


Ha, I didn’t even need to see your answer to know which game you meant lmao, though I didn’t think Destiny when he mentioned dancing


who else want Griffen to say “be very very quite im tracking the monster” when it activates his sound sensor


thanks for letting me know just when I saw it, it looked that way to me


They automatically do these things, plus that is just taking away another button from the limited controller…


While watching the E3 tourny, the thing that struck me was how at tier 3, the monster didn’t feel like he had an advantage in the fight really. I think every match i saw it came down to the hunters camping the objective and then the monster having to be very careful to engage.

I was thinking that the more mobile side is going to have the most control over how the engagement happens most of the time, and because the monster is more mobile, to balance that at tier 3, you ended up making the monster not that deadly. What if as the monster evolved he got slower. This would turn the game away from at the end the monster having to be very careful how to engage the hunters and turn it into how the hunters have to be very careful about how they want to engage the monster. Allowing for greater lethality of the monster.

So he was weak, at the beginner but fast. Then he gets stronger and slower and by stage 3, the hunters are the ones that have to be pro active before the monster destroys the objective. They need to be chipping away at the monster way before the monster reaches the objective. But they have to be way more careful then when the monster was in stage 1