Recall Daisy button?


I know this idea has been suggested a few times before more or less, but it’s worth trying again.

It’d be so simple.
What if Maggie (and Waggie) could press 3 (or whichever key they rebinded the tertiary item to) to call Daisy back.
Daisy will run straight to the Trapper and stay at her side for about 5 seconds before resuming normal AI again.
That’s all.
You even have the resources already in-game to do so.
(Something as simple as using one of Maggie’s “Daisy!” voice lines she normally uses when Daisy dies.

  • You could force Daisy away from a dangerous position when you know it’s not safe to revive
  • You could prevent Daisy from stealing revives when the dropship or revival by Laz is a better alternative
  • Daisy would receive like a 20-25% speed boost while running back to the Trapper, which would go a long way in fixing the ever annoying problem of Daisy continually lagging behind the team.

Daisy is STILL reviving hunters with Laz in team

I like this idea


This ability is so simple but it’s so good that I’m questioning why it was never implemented to begin with.

Doesn’t fix Daisy being 100% useless but it does fix her being a literal disadvantage to the team. I like it. :slight_smile:


It was suggested 100 times in the past. Its really weird that it’s not in the game…


+1 this is needed,this is not QoL .


Daisy should have a self destruct button :slight_smile:


I don’t play Maggie so I don’t really know what’s wrong with Daisy, the only thing I’have noticed is that the AI is bad, real bad.

Sometimes it comes and helps you, sometimes not, sometimes it’s stuck and doesn’t move…

Isn’t Daisy supposed to track the monster ? Or something like that ? Then if she find him, what happens ? As assault I don’t understand what this “dog” is supposed to do and how to help…


When you walk up to Daisy she’ll run off in the monster’s general direction for a long as you follow her.

The problem is that her pathing is really bad sometimes with her getting stuck on cliffs, and that she doesn’t alway take the shortest route to the monster. Plus, if you ditch her she’ll follow behind you Iike a lost, and useless, puppy until you turn around and go back for her.


I’d rather (Waggie) press 3 and give daisy like 50% damage reduction for a few seconds and she is forced to charge the monster firing the flamethrower no matter what.


Never played either Maggie, still think this is an awesome idea. Along with some additional orders, actually. Like Sheva in RE 5. Defend, attack etc.


I hope the Devs see this suggestion!
This is a brilliant suggestion, even I had same thoughts.
Especially when daisy follows another hunter in team who has no idea what he is doing and gets daisy killed along with himself…