Rebirth - My Ideas on Reviving Evolve (Long Post)


A few months from now, on a server near you, after the Matchmaking is fixed and the Balancing is done…

  1. Shear receives a detailed map and all the continents are divided into multiple provinces (an uneven number, say 99).

  2. Global war breaks out between Humans and the Monsters that lasts until all provinces are conquered by the same faction (Hunters or Monsters) or after 30 days of fighting (the faction owning more provinces wins).

  3. At the beginning of the war both sides have an equal amount of Victory Points, say 10,000. Their actions on the global map are aimed at either reducing the enemy’s Victory Point pool to zero or claiming all 99 provinces - whichever comes first.

  4. All PvP matches chip off a certain amount of Victory Points from the Enemy’s pool, depending on the overall performance of the winning side (time it took to win, the stage the Monster was in or the amount of shots fired vs. shots landed, etc.). In the case of a Draw (same amount of provinces are owned by both factions after 30 days of fighting), an Escalation occurs which grants extra 50% Victory Point gain from every single PvP match won by a certain faction. Those victories count towards reducing the enemy’s Victory Points in their pool.

  5. The provinces can be owned by: the Settlers (human NPC), Hunters, Wild Life (monster NPC) and the Monsters.

  6. Those owned by the Settlers generate profit for the Hunters’ war effort: each province neighboring one a battle is fought for grants the Hunters with an extra 10% Victory Point gain from every single PvP match won by them and lowers the Victory Point gain for the Monsters if they win instead.

  7. Provinces owned by the Wild Life generate profit for the Monsters’ war effort: each province neighboring one a battle is fought for grants the Monsters with an extra 10% Victory Point gain from every single PvP match won by them and lowers the Victory Point gain for the Hunters if they win instead.

  8. Owned colonies (those belonging to the Monsters or to the Hunters) affect the war in two ways: they constantly drain the other side’s Victory Points lowering them accordingly to their number, (e.g.: in a situation where the Hunters already own 87 provinces and the Monsters only the remaining 12 the Hunters will drain the Monsters’ Victory Points bar much quicker and will soon win the war) but they also slow down the process of draining Victory Points for their own faction. Already conquered provinces can still be attacked by the opposing faction and overtaken.

  9. Tactical choices and geographical analysis have to be conducted whether it is better for a faction to claim a Settlers’ or Wild Life’s province for Victory Points manipulation or instead leave it to gain the +10% bonuses that could help winning other more important areas later.

  10. It takes 500 victories to conquer a province meaning a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 999 matches have to be played to decide which faction (Hunters or Monsters) wins it. After a province is won it cannot be attacked again for 3 days.

  11. The Hunters and the Monsters have a capital province which is always the last one standing. Those provinces require 1000 victories to be conquered - after all, they are the last bastions.

  12. Playing in Solo mode also makes sense: if the Hunters want to “conquer” a Settlers-owned province they must dispose of waves of dangerous NPC wild life attacking their citizens. On the other side, the Monsters need to duel renegade NPC beasts to conquer their respective areas. It takes 250 victories to conquer an NPC province. After a province is won and becomes either the Hunters’ or the Monsters’ it cannot be made NPC anymore. However, it can later be conquered by the opposing faction in PvP as stated in point 10.

  13. Both Monster and Hunter players receive endless XP which is cataloged on a progress ladder, similar to Paragon system in Diablo 3 or Champion System in Elder Scrolls Online. Every player, after reaching a certain level (but not before playing for at least 1,000 hours) becomes a leader and can decide which province will be attacked. All other players have no influence over which province/map they will play on. They are soldiers in their leader’s war.

  14. Multiple leaders will initiate battles in many places at the same time. Coordination and general agreement between the leaders is imperative for the whole war effort. That is why the in-game Lobby will allow leaders to discuss their next moves.

  15. The faction that wins the war receives unique emblems, forum tags, 3D skins (not just textures) and in-game titles as well as XP to push their progress forward.

The core of Evolve as a game will not change at all. Casual players will still play a match or two on a rainy afternoon. However, those that stick around for longer will join Corporations and/or Tribes, spending hours on planning the next assault in the Lobby or the Forums. Every match will still remain a brutal 4 vs. 1 clash of mighty nature and high-end tech. Just as it is now! However, this time it will be part of a bigger conflict - one that will promise each player new unlocks and long lasting satisfaction. We’ll all be able to leave a mark on Shear and see our actions bare fruit that will change the planet. Character progression and the feeling of having a meaning will attract players to this world and won’t let them leave until the last of the Enemy lies dead.

Thank you for reading. Please, leave any constructive comments below but save any potential flaming for yourselves… :wink:


Spending hours on planning the next assault?

Zzzzz zzzzz. …


I have been summoned!



the host is the most wanted monster the prototype footage they had was awesome


Absolutely, the Mac of men said they could make a similar grotesque model but the kit would have to be different. Fingers crossed for my arrival!


This game mode seems like it would actually be a lot of fun, bring a lot of replayability, and get people actually involved.


I have a feeling this is based out of planetside 2, which i truly love, i would be up for it, but wouldn’t it be… too big ?

Sounds more like for when the game is a tad bit more expanded, we need more monster and hunter diversity for this to be possible, not to mention a **** load of more maps.


Sounds intriguing. I googled the host, but couldn’t find anything. Got some links to some footage or concept art or whatever?

#11 some footage of him and his ai controlled kit some footage of playing as him (and scorpid)

They scrapped him because they felt his kit was just not very fun to play or play against.



He really doesn’t see to be that exciting to play or play against. At least not from what the footage looked like.


So this is a Huge evacuation mixed with some other game trying to conquer the planet. It would be fun very interested but 99 games isn’t that a whole day of playing.


I’m glad they scrapped it.

By the way: This game doesn’t need to be revived. Move along, Lazarus. Nothing to see here.