Rebalance suggestion with hunters


Ill admit, ive never liked AOE healing especially when it comes to PvP in any game. It lowers skillcaps imo, and makes balancing around it annoying. Certain classes which are built around their main heal being AOE is 1 thing. Kinda like the direction your going with PP, but doubt he will be viable unless other “easier” to play meds are tinkered with.

What i would suggest, is to remove 4 button aoe heal on healers. You still have to keep slims aoe heal, but thats his main heal so its good. Quaira for instance who has aoe as main heal, could instead get lets say a 500 singleheal instead which only heals 1 character, just a suggestion Some characters might need to get their heals slightly boosted to offset their loss unless they get another skill which can be the offset.

Makes it alot more viable for monsters to use their aoe to weaken secondary targets it can switch to if he cant break down main target. Currently the aoe makes it to easy to keep the 3 others topped off.

Same revolves around support. Currently i dont really have much grief with support, some might need alittle tinkering to be viable. Hank, basically has a good main shield, removing his aoe shield and replacing it with maybe just a self shield so he cant cycle 1-4 to keep other hunters from even taking minimal aoe dmg. Personally i would just make him shield himself as well with the same main shield gen and give him a different 4button ability as its just to much of the same.

Anyways… just a suggestion… feel like it gives hunters alittle higher skillcap. Then you could perhaps balance around stronger single heal, forcing monsters to swap targets around abit more during a dome, instead of every single dome being “focus hank or fail”.

I play both hunter and monsters, not esp good on either but do enjoy playing, so not biased against either.


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