Reavers shouldn't hit sneaky monster


Reavers shouldn’t hit sneaky monster (wild life in general) / trap jaws


They can still see you, crouching down doesn’t make you invisible.


They stop once you hit stage 2, so why complain?


Please, try to put a little more work into this suggestion. One sentence is not enough.




If the monster is hiding under a tree . Revears/trapjaws blow your position to hunters

If not … your armor will be gone

If you try to kill the wild life . Hunters will be able to find you


Problem solved.


Trap jaws hit stage 2 monster

Stage 3 : problem solved lol :innocent:


If this is just a joke to you @ToiletWraith close please.


Sneaking significantly lowers the range at which Spotters will see you, so it’s not a totally far-fetched idea. But sneaking already reduces the aggro range of wildlife, does it not?

Trapjaws are pack animals who hunt down their food with amazing scent, so they’d be able to smell you much like Daisy would. As such, I don’t think sneaking should/would throw them off. They’re supposed to be a nuisance to the monster. However, reducing the range at which Reavers or Mammoth Birds will rush you (since the latter attacks all stages, right?) or not scaring Steamodons as easily when sneaking (and maybe sitting still) might be something you’re looking for.


I’ve lost like half my armor trying to hide from hunters
From reavers


Sneaking does indeed reduce the agro range already.


They should just take away sneaking and replace it with tip toeing it’s faster and you can avoid wildlife quicker.



Why so mean? This seems like a worthwhile discussion and I’ve seen more that just this thread have one sentence in the post.

While I do find it annoying that wildlife will attack you stage 1, it’s a necessary game function. Typically reavers ignore you if you sneak by them, but if you get too close, they’ll attack. Just work on keeping distance or rush by them quickly. If you get past a certain distance from them, they’ll de-aggro.


It’s probably cause the main post doesn’t offer any reason for the suggestion, it just says what ‘‘should’’ be done.


Because there need to be some ways for the Hunters to find an always-sneaking Stage One. As the Hunters, a constantly-sneaking Monster is a nuisance. There should always be something done about it.


They are 4 hunters. They can spread out and locate or expect where the monster is

Trapper has tracking device / the game has birds that allow the hunters to know where he is

They don’t have to depend on reavers / trapjaws when the monster is sneaking

It’s debatable . Every one has his own opinion about it


Reavers aren’t the issue. Though I’d rather they run away from you at any stage.

Rather, I’d like TRS to take a second look at Trapjaws. They harass you until you reach stage 3 and add no real value to the game other than annoying the Monster.

They can spawn as early as your 1st wildlife kill. So don’t even bother with the “they’re punishment for staying in 1 area too long” bullshit argument.
Also, good Hunter teams will constantly deny you food until you finally manage to shake them off for 5 seconds and must eat whatever’s nearby. Really fucking funny when Trapjaws spawn at that point. Fucking hilarious.

No wait, it gets even better! Because they take 3 abilities to kill! And there’s like up to 5 of them each time they spawn! Woohoo! A fucking Armadon goes down faster than those buggers. But Hunters can kill them easily.

And they harass you until reaching stage 3. You know what that means? That means the fucking Trapjaws will still actively chase you and attack you at stage 2, the same stage that Dune Beetles run away from.

@Lmk As surprised as I am for saying this, I agree with this topic. There’s nothing more frustrating than being chased by a good Hunter team and then when you finally have a window of shaking them off with stealth, fucking wildlife (be that Reavers or Trapjaws) completely destroys your chances.
It’s pretty bloody frustrating to have 3-4 cocky Reavers reveal my position.


Or that one wild mammoth bird that charges you out of the group. But yes trapjaws require a insane amount of damage to down and add very little. They don’t even give two meats like fat daisy.