Reavers drawing more attention than monster

Since dome cooldown is going to be 70 seconds now, there are really no reasons for thousands of Reavers to roam around.

I was just chased by a pack of EIGHT Reavers as Support and had to either waste jetpack or waste cloak or stand there and shoot them like a retard instead of following trapper. And this kind of stuff happens practically in every game. Reavers are screwing with hunters way too much. They’re EVERYWHERE and quite often in big packs.

Please either reduce their amount to pre-patch 5.0 values or reduce their damage because those little bastards hurt really bad… and did I say they’re EVERYWHERE? Thanks.


I’m not entirely sure why you see Reaver packs and dome cooldown being related issues?

Wildlife are a threat/annoyance to both Hunters and Monsters. If we’re going to be removing or reducing Reaver packs, how about we do the same to Trap Jaw packs for monsters?

That’s correct, we shouldn’t, because it is part of the gameplay and balance.


I assume because reavers are a hurdle that slow you down. Either you waste some jetpack avoiding them, or you circle around them, or just run through, get slapped and then are slowed by the hit.

Lots of reavers mean you slow down more on the chase. I’m quite mixed on this. I’d like to see the reaver count and also perhaps mammoth birds aggressiveness tuned down a teenie weenie bit, but if it doesn’t happen I won’t be disappointed. I think it’s a well-established thing that EVERYONE in the game can relate with each other regarding. Our dislike of reavers arnd mammoth birds. Whether you’re a hunter main, monster main, both, a pub, premade or dev. We ALL hate those things. And I think deep down we love that we hate them so.

Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to voice my hatred of striders. Yep. Those harmless shits. They block you off when you’re running. Want to get to the monster? HELL NO! Swarm of striders just got spooked and decided to run off in the direction you were heading, bumping you and blocking you, slowing you down for the monster to get away. Striders are slowly creeping up against the hunters. They’re doing it in a pacifistic way, building my ire towards them so that I throw the first stone, giving them all the reason they need to fight back, claiming self-defense…


Those evil bastards

I think in general a lot of wild-life serve more as an annoyance than anything else.

The only thing I’m sure I want removed are the carnivorous plants. I don’t think I’ve stepped in one in the past 200+ games, they’re a complete non-factor for me. The only thing carnivorous plants do is attack new players, they’re quite literally, “Noob Traps.” I think they should be removed because of this, they’re not in the equation if you’re not a new player, and they’re a pain if you are.

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Well, let’s see. Can you give me some logical explanation about why amount of Reavers was increased tenfold after patch 5.0 came out? My only guess is that it’s related to quick domes and supposedly many fights, because monsters need those Reavers to be everywhere in order to be able to armor up quick after each encounter/dome.

But many fights/domes meta is gonna be changed so there are 0 reasons for this amount of Reavers to be around, considering they’re doing massive damage to hunters AND they’re quick and easy source of food for monsters.

They’re not an annoyance for monsters, cause 1 melee kills them and provides them with food. It was not part of the game/balance for 7-8 months until recently, which was partially justified by quick domes as I explained. But it isn’t gonna be justified by anything after next patch.

Eh… You will occassionally still fall into one if you’re looking up or at the map, etc. Sure it’s much more rare now as you’re aware of them much more, but it does happen. That small 1-2 second delay can be a lot for a monster. I believe it has even happened in ESL recently, where someone walked into a plant. It’s not entirely a noob thing.

Also, remember that in Evac, you can have a monster reward causing it to rain. This lets more plants grow on the next map making them a much bigger factor. I feel like more wildlife and plants should be added, not removed.

Woah woah woah WOAH! I do not agree with this at all.

Just recently I killed a damage buff sloth at S1, just because it happened to be in my path as I was leaving the dropship zone and I didn’t want to lead the hunters right to something that could be my demise later. So I did the sensible thing, which is to kill it and try to eat it, denying it for them (wouldn’t really benefit me since I don’t want to fight S1 if I can help it). So I kill it. What happens next? As I try to eat it, ~8-10 reavers (I KID YOU NOT), started to come at me in small detachments. They would hit me, knocking me off of the sloth before I could eat much of it. By the time I ate the sloth and a few of the reavers the hunters were on me and I took a fairly painful dome (though I was able to avoid any health loss).

Reavers can be led to albino corpses.

Hint hint.

…Funny thing is I even thought “The reavers are gonna eat the corpse” as I was fighting them off to eat it… No idea why I didn’t realize I could just let them and be done with it…

Oh I was responding to the op. Its a good hunter strat to find some nearby reavers and lead them to a buff, then fly away.

But yeah, the reavers would have done the job, they act like trapjaws in that situation, except they eat the body instead of baiting you with it.

Sorry bruh, you didn’t surprise anyone with that :slight_smile:

Ok, let me try again:

Shooting at reavers allows you to kill them. Problem solved.

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Unless you’re Val, in which case, jump past them and let the others worry about them :stuck_out_tongue: They’ll be fiiiiiiine… Maybe.

Today I got my butt handed to me by reavers though. Seriously, they were just not leaving me be. I would be down to half HP from full in a matter of 2-3 seconds on a chase.

The best thing to do is try to find some higher ground in those situations. Sometimes the wildlife can be a dick.

Eh… It’s not a good move when you’re trapper… If I did that, I’d just be wasting my jetpack and making things worse… The only real option is to steam through and hope Laz catches up :'D But it sucks when your Laz decides to go Damage buff just because. XD

It’s one of those things you need to just to deal with.

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Yeah, cause there is totally nothing else to do for trapper, medic or even support during chasing/tracking monster. Shooting Reavers every 5 seconds is like the most important activity at that point. Kappa.

I get it, it’s not an issue for you (wow what a surprise, considering you’re monster main), thanks for your input dude, move along.

No one is talking about removing them, only about reducing their amount to the value we had for the past 7 months. Either that or they shouldn’t be doing a crap ton of damage.

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I agree, reavers are wait too annoying and if you have just the right amount of health, a minimal pack of 3 can take you down with no problem if u decide to try and kill them and pay no mind to your health and god it’s so annoying! Trapjaws go down way easier than reavers as a hunter I swear and are easier to avoid but reavers…I hate them so much so VERY much I’ve seen packs from 3-8 on several occasions, one can be annoying if your laz or hank as well.
I’ve had a game where I was laz posted up on high ground and had to jump down into the fight with the monster and my team mates because of 4 stupid reavers who kept freaking zig zagging and juking my shots!! All of them landed a shot on me and took me from full health to about a qtr before I know it! idk how the monster missed that and payed me no mind cause he could have taken me out had he seen me.
Not gonna tell my stories about the larger packs of reavers I’ve encountered at other times cause we all know what that’s like…death to the reavers! I swear they’re almost as bad as murlocs in wow!! Heh

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Yeah, you have better things to do than deal with wildlife when you’re on the chase. Monsters also have better things to do than deal with a trapjaw pack that comes right when you’ve downed 3 mammoth birds in one spot.

It just sounds like you want wildlife to be a non-issue when wildlife is supposed to be an issue. If they upped the amount of reavers lately, perhaps that’s because they weren’t as much of a bother as they were intended to be.

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Im a monster main?

Thats news to me.

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Before patch 5.0 I was terrified of Mammoth Birds the most. After patch 5.0 I’m now more terrified of the Reavers then Mammoth Birds. lol