Reavers are op

I killed a reaver, so it’s bestie carl, being the little shit carl is, came and kicked my ass, and ate me. Pls nerf.


To OP plz nerf

I’ve actually noticed an increase in numbers of the reaver population on all maps. It’s super annoying.
I think it has to do with the spawn rates changing.


They do seem to spawn in packs of 10 nonstop.

I dont lie. There savages.


They’re annoying and hard to shoot. My brother actually got eaten by a reaver.

They’re annoying, specially when your medic is dead and you want to stay alive as long as possible and then one of those little jerks hits you -____-

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Hope for Lazarus or Val, maybe Caira, laz can take the strike away Val is good for a quick heal and is consistent and Caira could maybe save you with the nades

Or you know just use Hyde or markov, Val can one shot a reaver

Its also rediculously hard to hit them as val or cabot so annoying :angry:

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Several times lately as Laz I have been trying to keep a safe perch during a dome and had to deal with reavers which are a pain to kill with his rifle and there were more than one. It is a really annoying distraction during a critical point in the match.

There was a laz, the reaver ATE me.


Venom hounds for the win. Please nerf.

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On your face, + followed by a pounce from monster.

They also eat bodies :smiley:

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Reavers seem so boss now

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They always were O.O

I Kai, approve of this thread >.<
~acts as though he has authority in the forums~


The hint says “they drop faster than it takes to read this hint!” which is not true, these jerks take a lot of bullets sometimes, I wish their health was similar to poison hounds, now these drop from a single headshot.


Some say Reavers population was increased for monsters to be able to armor up quickly due to fast domes after update. But if that’s true and it’s not a bug, then amount of damage Reavers can do must be definitely nerfed, cause it’s ridiculous.

Jetpack fuel is already extremely hard to maintain after update, I don’t want to constantly waste it for dodging freaking reavers.

Have you ever escaped from three Mammoth Birds and ran into a gang of reavers with no fuel? It is absolutely terrifying. Genuinely scary. They just slowly prance towards you and you’re backing up like nonononononononono and then WHAM and you’re nearly dead and you finally get a boost back and GTFO and then a Mammoth Bird pops up all like O HAI DERE MOTHERF*CKER and you die. :confused:


The real problem senpai, was the mammoth birds. Reavers were just trying to help you - rest your body.
(by hugging you of course >.<)

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