Reaver wild life buff suggestion


Completely feel this buff should apply to “dodges”. Its probably the most worthless buff in the game for hunters as it is right now- IMO. But if it did this, itd actually be a decent buff. The value could change accordingly- Maybe so that in practice you got 1 extra dodge per entire bar, or something similar.

But really- Who ever sees this buff and goes “wheee!”. Hell even in higher levels of play, hunters with NO buff dont even bother to pick this up because of the time itd take to run 15 meters to the side.


My personal take on this would be to nerf all the other buffs to be equally useless.
But something like 35% increased thrust would be ok. (I believe Sunny has 50% more thrust).


Increase thrust has also crossed my mind. Actually id personally LOVE to see the “jump height” perk changed to “increase thrust” perk. Unlike move speed which lets you kite around things better, or jet pack recharge which lets you dodge far more in a dome, this could make dodges more consistent.

Though stating ahead of time, it SHOULDNT stack with sunnys boost. It should merely be over-written by it.


I like the Jump Height a lot. It doesn’t take fuel, which saves a ton of fuel, won’t give away your location while cloaked, and helps juke up quite a bit.


Doesn’t Jump Height effectively allow you to thrust higher and further already though? I’m not seeing the difference between Jump Height or Sunny boosting me; safe for when you actually jump and it feels like you’re walking on the moon, lol.


My team and I named it the “Better than nothing perk”.


I do. It’s great against Kraken when playing as an Assault, especially a close-range one like Hyde. It makes getting off a lot of the important weapons and abilities off.


To a small degree, yes. In reality? No.

Jump height does just that, increases the height you jump. It does not however actually increase the force of your jetpack. Prior to the jetpack changes, it was pretty rad because the force of the dodge, would stack with your upward momentum- Which was increased with the jump height perk- Giving you some nifty distances.

Now however?

Not so much.

When doing a dodge, all of your current velocity/momentum figures are 0’d out. This is done to ensure that you dodge a consistent amount. So hows this work with jump height? Well again, jump height increases just that- Your jump height. The moment you actually “dodge”, your momentum is 0d out, and you ascend that “set” amount. So in practice, youll neutral boost about 8’ish meters normally. With jump height, youll ascend 9-10’ish meters (Depending on your timing). For comparison, a sunny boost sends you 16 meters into the air with a neutral.

Now you will dodge a smidge further as well- But this extra distance comes from the fact that your dodging from a marginally higher height, giving you a bit more “fall” time. The actual distance from the “dodge” itself, is the same. Its no different than dodging off of say, a small rock instead of off the ground. You can stretch this a weeee bit further if you jump, and then dodge just before youre about to hit the ground- Youll gain the extra distance purely from the “jump” distance.

But in practice this really no faster over “flat” ground- Because again, the actual distance you “dodge”, is basically the same- Youre still moving “base” speed during the initial jump, and your speed quickly returns to normal after the force of the dodge is over. This can be beneficial to some degree for overall map traversal, because you can cover about 18-20 meters vs the normal 12-14’ish meters of a normal dodge per notch of boost- Which can be the difference between covering a gap with one boost, or needing a smidge of fuel ontop to clear it. But thats really about it.

TLDR: Not really. This warrants a suggestion on its own right, IMO (I think ive even made a topic for this previously, if not i intended to and got lazy. hah)


I actually think that the thing reavers’ buffs should do for hunters is remove the delay on recharging jetpack. It would allow for the jetpack to feel more responsive whilst not giving too much more ability to gain large distances.


I call this perk death to all monsters because we have Sunny with us running reload or she found an capacity buff.

The stacking with the JPB is crazy fun for the hunters and makes Sunny more OP than usual, but on its own I believe its a pretty insignificant buff to have. Unless you’re already running a mobility perk.


What if it cut down on the Fuel recharge delay in half and also does the same for the monsters armor regen?

edit: hell we could make it so that it removes the delay and combat delays all together.


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