Reasons your mad at evolve thread


reason 1 im not able to get the hank artic skin but why can only 3000 people get it


I’m mad because the matchmaking as of lately makes me join into 2-3 games in progress before i can join a fresh one. Sometimes I’m literally taking over an incapped bot for some seconds before the team loses and it counts as a loss towards my stats. . . yeah right thats fair


I’m mad because this is a dumb thread!
Table flips
I just want to be no.1 Hyde in Europe… But there’s 1 guy they couldn’t clear off the leaderboard, so all I can get upto is no.2 D:…
(Don’t get things mixed up, I’m no.5- technically no.4 atm. T_T)


The matchmaking times and whenever I want to be a Monster it puts me as a Hunter anyways.


I’m mad at Evolve because I can’t play Lazarus due to bodies falling out of the map.


I’m mad because It’s impossible to play it 24/7 without eating :frowning:

This thread will lead to nothing good.


I’m mad because of all these monster nerfs ~.~
Maybe when Witcher comes I can hunt monsters and actually be challenged…


I’m mad because Evolve taught me that some humans don’t deserve to live.


I’m not mad D: I don’t fit in :’(


I don’t want your damn lemons, what am I gonna do with these?!


My secret to Goliath? I am always mad.


HAHAH that’s too funny! This must be in portal 2 - I’ve played through 1 and never seen it. Waiting on the wife to get in the mood for portal 2 and we’ll run through that.


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Thank you! :monster: