Reason why people have good win streaks is because they keep quiting the game before they die

I was playing the Monster a few mins ago and just i was about to finish off the last Hunter they quite and i ended up with noting, so are the devs going to fix this or i am better off deleting Evolve and playing another game that punishes people fairly for quitting early?

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Good news everyone!


About bloody time

That’s quite an odd reason to quit playing?

I don’t like playing the Monster because it’s stressful, also it should have been a win and credits for me but the Hunters wouldnt allow that

Bad things happen in any game. Sure it sucks that you didn’t win but winning isn’t everything. Also if they quit out mid match it counts as a loss for them.

Having one group mess up one match isn’t worth quitting over.

Agree, stick i through the game, you can get valuable experience that way.

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Good news for everyone except the hunters who’re left with bot Maggie you mean?

I know winning ain’t everything, but i need credits for skins and to buy other Hunters

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You will earn them. Just got to keep at it. Not everyone will dodge ya.

I only quit early if I’m the last one up and the monster pounces me. Match is over, no need to watch the animation.

I’m glad they fixed so people can’t abuse it for stats though.