Reason why i hate and love *a little bit* Behemoth


The reason i love behemoth is because his powerful and he have the best look than others until you see his stomach…uggghhhh. His damage is even stronger than goliath and his reach…TRS says he has the longest reach in all of the monster. And as far as he look…he looks pretty damn cool like a total badass,specially his elite.
And heres the reason i hate him. Warning: “Rude Languages” so if your easily offended,you can leave now and save yourself. We dont want any trouble alright. I dont wanna hear some ‘duuhhhh…you say some bad shit,you stupid man goy duuuhhh’ why ? You cant read a simple warning? I hate something so im gonna say some nasty shit on it. Why ? Do you want me to love something i hate like i love it and thats why i hate? Get the hell out of here this aint a stupid bullshit ass twilight series.
Ahem The reason why i hate him because hes so damn squishy,like What. Why even make a tanky beast if its squishy…like i and even you guys reading this see how his health go down so quickly,like what…are you serious right now ? He suppose to be tanky ‘Tan-ky’ T-A-N-K-Y “TANKY!” but so far as we see… hes just a FAT monster running for his life. Like indiana jones,only behemoth step on a trap and now hes getting chace by jones.
His weak spot…oh my god,his weak spot…its fucking BIG ! thats what she said. Padum-chhhh. It like so easy to target, its like being a jugernaut with no armor for his mid-section. How can you tell this fat fuck is tanky !? His not even as hard as like goliath…oh my lord…im going to be fucked when i get my hands on him. Real talk: this is not what i expect for him. Just how devastating it would be playing on defend while those turrets tar geting your stomach

His skill. Why do he need to gurgle his lava bomb when we let go of the trigger. You know he can gurgle it while your still aiming but noooooo he looks up like an idiot while aiming and gurgles it whe you let go of the trigger so the hunter knows what to do.
His tongue grap should be called “Pull your tongue out to a target,pull your tongue back,and for a long ass time to get to you” like why ? He could just tounge “Grab” like what it really means a target to get them close instantly. Like “Grabbing” a target not tossing them in the air towards you.

His skins,like what the fuck is this ? Is that green? Is it,is it green? Oh my fµ©#!*& god,its green…thats it. Its green. sigh

Thats all. Yeah, i can deal that he is slow but just him tanky like he needs to be. Reduce how big his weak spot is,i dont want him to be like tall motherfµ€<#r with a easy target and a big weak spot.
Cabot + Torvald combo = a dead ass behemoth. Thats how fµ€ked he is
When the release tomorrow,everyone is gonna be ‘Hey i heard theres a new big scary monster’ “Scary? Yesterday,i just turn him to my little b!t€h”
Behemoth will be challenging and needs to have greater skill.
Thats all,just sharing thoughts to you guys. Leave a comment of what you think. Is he OP or gonna be completly mascred tomorrow.


What do you got against jade?


Not enough details


You are reasonable but its been SAID ALREADY so just quit moaning and complaining if everyone hates it devs will find a my to fix it eventually dont worry dude


I agree, hes a rubbish monster at the moment


Lol. TL;DR please.


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