Really wish there was local co-op :(


Title says it all



You can if its a lan network ^.^ but on one console couch co-op is something that’s died out in general


Unfortunately. There’s almost no next gen games that have splitscreen. Evolve would be a great one too!


I agree, the only one I know of is halo MCC and that’s really not next gen


I agree, but there’s all those rendering issues, overloading the console, etc. I do miss the days of split screen though. Oh well. Back to the handsome collection.


When they say it was remastered, how is that possible for the comic book graphics? Higher fps? Is it worth the money?


MKX anyone? That’s the best party game right there, it’s coming out next week in case you didn’t know


Definately worth the money, $60 ish for 2 awesome games with all dlc included


I plan to get it, I’ve been an Mk fan since the first film in the 1990’s haha (its where I got my username from and psn I’d: skorpion with a k for kombat)
And how is the remastering of it?


Haha I use to play it in the old arcades all the time haha, I actually never noticed the k in your username! I feel stupid now haha, And the remastering of borderlands 2 is nice because the fps is higher but you really can’t see much of a difference in how it looks due to the cartoon aspect, the pre sequel feels exactly how it felt on old console though (probably my least favorite of the 3) just make sure you have friends on because I noticed myself remembering how annoying the grind to lvl 20 ish is without friends


Yeah I’ve got a buddy that wants to get the handsome collection as well so if he gets it I’m getting it as well, and yeah, lol my mom used to have a heart attack whenever she found out I played mortal kombat


It’s a damned shame tag mode isn’t coming back, that was great when you had 4 people over.


Haha if only she could see those new X-rays and fatalities hahaha, sometimes I wonder if they are the same thing. And @Silverfox It is a sad day indeed… I doubt they will add it later unfortunate


Tag was awesome cause I got to practice two fighters at the same time but I guess the game can’t handle it? Idk


Sounds like the common excuse of video games now…


Its become a trend that’s for sure… I’m excited to play as goro though :joy:


Ill be honest, baraka has always been my favorite since they added him but apparently he’s in this game just not playable… I’m going to be pissed if they don’t make him playable ever… But they made me happy by adding predator… Now we just need alien


Dude the arcade baraka used to scare me lol, but his moves were cool


I’m more annoyed we aren’t getting Cyber Sub-Zero, that was my favorite character they introduced in any of the 3D games. Plus, no Night Wolf or MK9 Stryker :frowning:


Just for you @XkrSkorpion