Really trying to tolerate the dashboarding, not working

3 days ago, played the first few hours of monster ranking, got dashboarded and 60 some points taken.

2 days ago, get up to 2085, so close, get dashboarded.

Yesterday, play for 5 hours, get back up to 2097, one point at a time, get dashboarded back to 2066 points, grind a few more hours.

Today, play 5 hours, (waited about 15-20 minutes to find that last game to give me 1 point). Just got gold rank for monster, was going to play just one more game, get dashboarded and set back to 2077.

Up to 108 games won on ranked (Xboxe), the most games grinded yet for ranked monster or hunter, nothing more I can possibly do to cope with dashboarding, gold is just pretty unattainable right now for me pretty much.


You’re not the only one. I’ve lost like 250 points from dash boarding alone.

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Are you saying your game crashes to the dashboard every time you play?

Every 4 or so hours it crashes in game during hunt 2.0 matches. With how the rank system is set up earning points so slowly 1 at a time, a crash when you’re facing bronze players straight murders your points.

It is also a big problem with a lot of other people I know. We had two dashboards in about a 40 minute period in a hunter squad I was playing with earlier. We had to 3v1 the monster twice as the guys who dashboarded could not rejoin the session (even with invites to it). Pretty much everyone agrees the matchmaking is a joke with the dashboarding and the brutal 1 loss points being so high ruining it all right now.

Pretty sure most of those on gold monster (The 8 that don’t keep getting knocked off, a few get up there but get knocked off by playing games) are just not playing Hunt 2.0 anymore so their rank does not get taken out by a dashboard/1 loss. Why would they? Everyone else trying to get to where they are just gets dashboard point murdered lol…

I’m in the same boat. Crashing 4-5 times a day. A God damn Xbox one game crashing with next generation. Pathetic. Its like its a free to play beta game on addicting games .com or some shit. No game has ever crashed in the history of my gaming career except this shit.