Really need French/Quebec players to play with


I really want to play this game, but i’d be very happy to play in my native language, being French. I`m also from Quebec, send me an invite to PS4, PSN is Yezalel.

See you!


@snowkissed apparently you’re needed on PS4 :wink:


I get the feeling @snowkissed is some sort of an unholy, ridiculously good, nightmarishly awesome player. I feel sorry for the PS4 players now.


Bwahahaha. That’s hilarious. I’m not terrible, unless I’m playing monster… my nerves get the best of me!

I’m French Canadian though :slight_smile:


That probably means that you’re less scary as a Monster. Glad I’m not on PS4 though- I can hear them quaking in their boots/shoes/paws?/whatever.

There seem to be quite a few French Canadians around here. We have a very diverse community.


Yeah, but they dont manifest too much :frowning: My rental is ending tonight, and I;ll probably cancel my shpping of the game as well, since it is too much of a communication game and cant do good at it unless its in French!
So, one or two hours before deciding my future with the game…

*Really hoping for some new friends!!!


Where are you matchmaking from? It’s a shame that you’re running into trouble :worried:

I find that pinging often can help with communication (I don’t always like talking). Sometimes the Hunter’s VO can be helpful too (and can be triggered by pinging!)


I didnt do matchmaking at all, only went for PSN party from the beginning. So, do you mean that if I try to matchmake i`ll be set with people from my area? Like in Destiny, i would be with Quebec people all the time, is the same thing would be happening in Evolve?



Well, so rental is over, and cancellation is done. Too bad, if it still played when cheaper, I might give it another try, was gonna buy most DLC though, was supporting you all the way, but guess there is like no French here at all :frowning:
Anyway, one customer is nothing for you, nice game and keep up the good work!



There’a french community here:

At least I think so. My french is really, really bad, so I may be wrong, but I think you might be able to find some people there.


Went there, its a dead place sadly.


Well… Let me some time to buy a PS4 and eventually I’ll play everyday with you ! ^^’

(c’est que c’est cher tout ça…)