Really hoping Val gets a buff (Plus my proposal)


After playing tons of Caira, hitting #1 Caira (blah blah blah) the heals are great, but I miss the utility. So now I’ve been playing tons more Val now since she was my original favorite dating back to the first alpha. (hit #14 Val in the closed beta)

My proposal for a buff to Val is utilizing the meter gauge on the med gun. For the top half of the gauge, the heal beam will increased for a higher heal rate to help combat the burst damage from the monster. Once it goes below the halfway point, it heals at the normal rate or at a lesser rate. This helps the healing of val scale properly as it goes towards later in the game.


Please keep in mind that the “Feedback” topic is for feedback AND suggestions for stuff preexisting in game.


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I think your idea is interesting, it certainly would help Val match Caira’s healing ability a little bit…but I think she might actually overtake Caira as the “best medic” if she received such a buff.


Well this is kinda feedback, he/she explain why vals medgun wasn’t the greatest (doesn’t do much against burst) and then gave a suggestion to buff it.


Oh no, my bad. I think they set it as “General” and I MEANT to change it to “Feedback”, but I think I accidentally changed it to “Hunters”. I knew it was supposed to be Feedback, lol. Fixed.


I would say no, just because if you are playing val you should have a hank as well that’s part of cordinating your team composition. Val + hank is a really good combo