Really hope they decide to make DLC after a year


Remember hearing before that after a year have pass they’ll discuss rather or not to continue budgeting DLC ( might be a little incorrect on that so don’t stone me to death)

But I come here as a humble evolve fan hoping to encourage TRS/2K to continue DLC even after the one year is up. I might not buy every hunter right away ( will eventually), but I know for damn sure I’ll be picking up every monster the moment it go live. Might even get a skin or two :smiley:

Who’s with me! let’s show our support for DLC !




They have enough DLC in the works (2 more monsters at least 6 more Hunters) but said that additional DLC will depend on sales/reception of the game. They want to support Evolve as long as it makes sense to do so.


I thought I read that this game was built as a DLC platform, that they were going to do things with DLC we’ve never seen before. That the game would be steadily updated for quite some time to come… Maybe I heard wrong.


I just find it weird how 5th tier Hunters only have two planned. It feels like they only planned 2 to see how active the game is within that time period.


I think the more characters Evolve will get, the more enjoyable for everyone it will get. More strategic diversity and what not. I just love seeing the creative work of the people at TRS in these characters.


I think they took the sure bet. They had 6 Hunters that they felt would fit in Evolve and work just fine. Judging from how many monster designs they have I would be surprised if they done have a dozen or two on the back burner that they weren’t as sure about making fit.


Well, you can probably blame that on that, or just TRS being generally unsure of on what to focus on after the T4.

Or y’know, maybe its just a try to fit into 2k’s budget ir something.


Prob cause they have two concepts ready to start on. You need to remember they need to first think about a hunter that will bring something to the table, and so far they got two!

Further down the line I’m sure they are going to finally brainstorm the other two.


I think it is going off the premise of 50% more. Rounded up, 50% more is 2 monsters and 6 hunters


Yeah, I’m considering buying the season pass. Don’t care about the skins, though. That might change if they release something better than recolors.


Going to be honest here. I think the game will sell well,but not as well as TRS and 2K was expecting. I do not think we are going to get more then the dlc that was planned. I hate the idea,but I have a bad feeling it will be true


I plan to buy most of the dlc and I have it one 2 patfroms so tats my stance on the issue


The way the game is set up I’d much rather see content added to it for an extended period of time than having Evolve 2 with a whole new cast of characters in a year and a half. That’s why I never bought Left 4 Dead 2 when it came out 1 year after the first.


I have a bad feeling that this game won’t last a year if they don’t make it soon.

I own every champion in LoL and Smite, hundreds of to pick from and those games get boring.

I love evolve, but the variety only comes from those you play with and against and pugs really diminish the game with people leaving, rage quitting, not knowing how to play or taking the time to learn. It might be a tough year.


The first DLCs are already being tested and should start being released in March - the earlier the better. Dunno if they’re gonna try to coordinate the release of the Tier 4 Hunters & the Monster (they should) or try to spread it out, but it shouldn’t be too long.


One can only hope, but as I play it gets worse and worse.

I’m strong in my conviction to the game, but other players are making it difficult. I can’t always play with my friends since everyone has a life and jobs, families, and the pugs leave a foul taste in my mouth. So some DLC to take my mind off of it would be fantastic.


So basically nothing beyond those 2 monsters and 6 hunters are going to happen basically.

Though this could be good. I imagine if they made an Evolve 2, they would know everything to address over the previous, and would get a fresh reception…I bet it would do insanely well…


No, just no

This is what happened to CoD

MW2 was amazing, but now it’s a cash cow, the same game produced over and over.

I would rather wait and let them make something truly amazing again, then having evolve two in the next one or two years.


It would take one or two years for that to happen so that wouldn’t be a worry.

Also if "Evolve 2’ persay had a great launch, plenty of players, etc… Than they could support THAT one over a long time with DLC without having to make another.


The quality (or lack thereof) of Smite or LoL characters is nowhere near the quality of Evolve characters. They focus on quantity, and pump out a ton of champions. TRS focuses on quality- each character is totally different, brings something new to the table, and changes the game radically.