Really enough with 3 on fire breathe

im done with this game every goliath does it besides me being stuck in that for the whole thing takes down 3quarters of your gone on top of that instant recharge im only gonna play weekend challenges other than that im done unless fire breathe gets nerfed which probably wont happen
edit:not to mention its range and kraken aftershock 2

You’re upset.
Because you’re standing in Fire Breath?
Where was your medic.
What the hell was Support doing.


nothats not the case fire breathe goes far as hell does a lot of damage and recharges instantly
support was hank sheilding but the sheild down instantly

Are you… are you complaining about Fire Breath?

Wow. I was wrong about you, Albino. Have a nice life, wherever your adventures may take you.


Fire breath is not that strong and does not need to be changed.


Then that Hank needs to learn proper shield management.

as much as i try to get away it always hits me then does burn damage

In arena its not that bad. In the Hunt I guess it could be a problem but really a hank(a good one) should know shield managment.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you have a good medic.
Where. Was. Your. Medic.

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not to mention every goliath teabags after they win of firebreathe 3

healing but nope still down

Maybe the ones you fight.

then they leave after that because there a douche

There is no reason any ability should be able to out damage a Hank shield and…what medic?


plus this 3 fire breathe has been going on for 3 months its to the point where i dont care for this game

You can get through this, take a break, let the salt wear off. Happened to me today so I took a break, it works wonders.

its just gonna happen again tomorrow i can tell you that this happens 4 times a day at most

Fire Breath is one of the most annoying abilities in the game. It’s nearly undodgeable if the Goliath has any sense of brains. It deals decent damage when tier 3 (about 40% HP before the burn finishes). It has good range to allow for use at extended ranges, and to hit targets out of melee range. It has a low CD, and can be spammed. It’s only downside is you can’t auto attack with it. While I don’t think it’s OP I do feel that the ability isn’t fun to play against whatsoever.


you wrecked me today. Good job, made me take a break XD