Really concerned about the PC playerbase


@MacMan has said that that pc bug fixing patch is going to come next weekend at the earliest. That is not good. The BALANCE patch is going to be even further away! We are totally screwed. TRS has really messed this up. RIP Evolve. Anyone want to play on PC? I am almost level 40!


I feel like your post would have more impact if you had a different name.


“WE”? I am perfectly fine.

How so? They’re working on getting most, if not all, bugs fixed at once. Clearly they want to make sure nothing goes wrong with the patch once it does hit. Changing stuff around can surely impact other stuff so I’d rather wait than be hit with multiple updates daily.


Yeah the player base on PC is low and getting lower.

Patch can’t really come out any faster than it is though.

If it dies because the problems are too hard to fix, so be it. Not much more to do than hope it works out though.


Im level 40 player.
i agree, player’s pop is getting lower/and lower. Ive been facing same players everytime.

i do not like to play with the same hunters/monster player each and everymatch. Whether i win/lose -, i will quit the lobby, and queue again, but end up, joining the previous lobby :frowning:

Just like dota/HON/Heroes of storm etc. each and every Matchmaking puts you in diff team/ fighting against diff players.

Its just hard Not to queue into same group of ppl with such low player-base.


Holy crap all hands abandon ship because this game takes time to patch just like all the other games ever made! DOOM!!!


I feel like I have seen this thread be remastered at least 10 times.


Actually it seems like it more-less stabilized around 2.5K average “regulars” + another 1…2K appearing here and there when new content/patch becomes available. I would say not that bad. It just makes monsters life harder, because I have impression that on PC relatively high % of playerbase are dedicated/experienced players.