Really bad idea to give everyone wraiths right away


Out of the 10 matches I played tonight only 1 person was the Goliath. The Wraith is way to quick to keep up with leaving my team to just wait at the power relay station for it to come to us, then when it is there and we finally manage to fight it we get 1 shot by its main attack (I don’t play as the Monster so I don’t know what his attacks are).

Annoying as hell, will just leave matches from now on when I see the Monster is a Wraith. Might happen way to much to the point where the game is just barley playable.


You just need to give new hunters time to adjust, there are a lot of newbies coming in now with no clue how to fight goliath, much less wraith.

She’s been tweaked nicely as far as I can tell at this time, still a pain, but much less than in beta.


She’s mainly a pain because it’s diificult to adapt to her after playing against anything else. She was not so bad before, and she’s fine now. Might I suggest changing your strategy or team comp?


thats what happens when you make one thing objectively better than another thing


You camp the relay and complain you can’t kill it?
No offence, but perhaps Defend is a better gamemode for you than Hunt.
Personally, I had no problem hunting and catching a Wraith, it was the fighting part that was hard. :confused:


This is kind of the problem that I have, both with Laz and with the Wraith.

Neither of them are game breaking, but if either of them is in a game, that means I’m going to have to radically change my strategy.

Now, that’s not bad, but with it just being those two, it is a pain. ;p


It is annoying, yeah. Can be worked around, though. =P


Honestly the wraith can win with “just” decoy since it takes no health, the decoy does just as much as the original, and the original goes invisible for a couple seconds which opens up new tactics like a pounce or escape.

It also can win “just” using supernova, putting it in a damage frenzy on top of its agility and base damage plus knockback.

As with all games noobs aren’t meant to win all the time due to skill, but the wraith doesn’t give them the chance.

Point being two of the for moves solidify victory for even a noob wraith, and we’re not even gonna mention the skill gap or cooldown speed.

Possible patch, make decoy take armour away every time it’s used and make the decoy do half the damage. Supernova? Reduce speed? Idk, can’t take away too much I guess. Otherwise, the monster would be worthless. Supernova and all it’s other abilities do make it unique though, I’ll give it that.


Wraith has been nerfed already any more and she’d be useless. Decoy isnt as useful as it used to be when you could warp while cloaked and just jump out of the super nova cloud to counter it. No monster can win with only one move and if one did beat you with just decoy or just super nova thrn im afraid you might just suck really really really bad bud


Keep in mind super nova removes all knock back and wraith has no health, if she super novas. punish her hard!

If she pops decoy keep away from it till it fades.

The counter to wraith is to walk away. You don’t need to hit her that often to kill her though.


So what you’re actually saying is not that you mind newcomers having access to the wraith (see below), but that you think the wraith is overpowered.

Because if the quick access were a problem, your post would be lamenting newcomers completely floundering wraith-control and not getting anywhere and dying on the spot.


I’m gonna agree. Having people have access to characers/monsters right from the get-go is kinda a pain. Nobody has really been able to practice before being pitted against somebody who HAS played the beta and know how to work on the Wraith. It’s a big advantage against new comers imo.


I agree. My experience so far has been that of constantly telling the Trapper not to dome because its a decoy, and running past trying to catch the teleporting bugger. Even if we do catch her, she just decoys, hides, and zooms to the other side when threatened. She is a little too difficult to pin down. People don’t know how to fight the Wrath, and the fight itself just feels like some kind of decoy whack a mole.


People have been playing Wraith ALL. NIGHT. I played one match against a Goliath. That said, I’ve only played Hunter tonight and have lost only 3 rounds against all these Wraiths. Balance seems to be great, I just wish others would give the other Monsters a try.


Wraith has very little armor, capitalize on that, always keep an eye on what she’s doing, where she’s going, who she’s attacking.
If you see a wraith, much less a wounded wraith go behind a rock, then suddenly have the cohones to go full frontal assault on your, well, assault? Decoy. Or bad player.

And of the few games I’ve played, please, for the love of god, if you see a floating blob of fire, shoot it.
I will say i have been playing wraith all night, but i didn’t get to play her at all during the beta. My advice is to wait. People will find their mains, there will be more variety.
Hell, alot of monster players on this very forum prefer Goliath.

Don’t take my words as some kinda super expert strategy guide, as i’m still new to wraith, and i’m just posting what I’ve been seeing people fall for.


She was overpowered to hell and back before, and she is probably still broken - but possibly beatable.


Ummm… No. Just…No. Wraith was never OP to hell and back, just OP. And now? She is perfectly balanced now. Anybody who says otherwise needs to -heh- Evolve their strategies, or has an awful team. She’s fine now. Any more nerfs and she’ll be awful.


She had a 70% winrate, and I’ll bet it was only that low because many people had no idea how to fight with her.

I won’t say anything conclusive about her current balance this early - but I stick with my statement while the invisibility and ability top dodge out of thrown domes is still in the game.


…Exactly? You said yourself:

Therefore, they didn’t play to her weaknesses, resulting in:

Plus that telemetry was skewed. If you looked at the above level 15/20/whatever telemetry, it was infinitely better. I think fifty-something. Still bad- but now she’s been nerfed she should be fine.


By fight “with” her, I meant fight using her.

Unless they were on her team, that word wouldn’t make sense to imply Hunter tactics.

Mind linking telemetry sorted for that level for Wraith matches? I don’t recall them giving that. Or are you linking data for all Monsters?

I do recall that on top player charts Monsters in general had far, far higher win rates and win streaks than top Hunters - but that is slightly off-topic.