Really bad graphical errors on PS4

I searched around and couldn’t find any threads discussing an issue that me and my duo buddy constantly encounter.

Aside from the usual character eyeballs not loading in, many of the particle effects like explosions or markovs backpack lightning, hanks smoke, Hydes fire, krakens natural lightning, etc start freaking out and completely cover the screen making it nearly impossible to see. They also appear in big visual squares which I assume are part of development and what not. Also lightning (as in the weather) in the game has a literal flash bang effect that turns the screen completely white for a half second, Very annoying and eye burning.

This can happen after 1 game but usually after 45 minutes of play I guess the ps4 melts down and can’t handle the graphics anymore. Our systems are virtually new and have ample cooling and the disk is essentially in mint condition (it’s my baby.) Sometimes a reset helps other times you have to stop playing for hours even though the ps4 is quiet and not over heated. I don’t know if this is a system or game issue but I’m sure others have encountered it as well. This bug will also cause the ps4 to force close the application and have the user send a error report.

Any insight?

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Is it something like this?

I have been having this problem as well. Seems random. Resting the game usually fixes it for me. It really sucks though when it happens when im in a pub match with good players for a change and i have to quit and reset.

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That seems of be the issue with the games weather lightning

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We call that “the particle bug”. Not 100% sure, but I think it was fixed. If so, the next update should remove that for you. I remember the rendering guys were working on it a while ago.

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Do we have an ETA by any chance? I love playing this game but you know :/.

I know. But I can’t comment on release schedules, sorry. Maybe our past updates can give you some idea of the typical frequency?