Really bad and common freezing bug (XB1)


3 out of 5 games I’ve played just freeze halfway through , 1 against behemoth and 2 against wraith, this bug is irritating, anyone else experiencing this?
EDIT: When it freezes everyones walking in place and I can still hear the other players and they are frozen too, the after about a minute or 2, everyone gets the boot, this is really gamebreaking and I want to know if anyone else is experiencing these problems, and if its a known bug being worked on


Didn’t get it yesterday. Just got it as I stated 3 as behemoth. Sad day.


I hate it, just wanna play T4 and the game freezes every other game


X1 is definitely twitchier post patch – longer loads, the store is sluggish. Haven’t really dipped too deep into MP yet, but the overall interface needs some massaging.


Longer loads? There’s a tutorial starting for each new player with a new Hunter, that’s why


Are you talking about this? Happened to me yesterday after the update.

Made for some good action shots.


I fully agree on PS4 the entire Evolve game application seems far less stable since the patch. i’ve even had full game crashes on multiple occasions in the last… 24 hours? Yikes! :scream:


This issue is also affecting PS4 users.

To add: when the game freezes with characters running in place, there is no auto-boot; players must manually quit from the pause menu.

Once this is done, the player receives the standard one-minute “leavers’ penalty.”

To sum up, the game forces players to stop playing in the middle of a match, then punishes players for attempting to resume gameplay.

This is very user unfriendly, TRS. Sorry, but that is the truth. I most likely can’t imagine in my darkest nightmares how busy you all are, but fix this please. :confused:

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Yeah this really was a bummer. Did get some good looks at behemoth and his heart though. Also had an awesome scene with Hank Jetpacking while being healed by Val. It was like Val’s beam was holding up. Pretty neat stuff. Though disheartening when you have to leave and wait a minute before re-entering.


Yeah I also got in the behemoths face


Thanks for letting us know… adding @MrStrategio to get some QA eyes on the issue.


Thank you! :blush: Wasn’t sure if this was his “thing”. Will remember that.

Also, this just happened twice again - almost in a row. These crashes and freezes seem to be becoming a legitimate barrier to online play.

Many if not all players I encounter in matchmaking have similar stories.


Same issue with freezing bug is also happening on PC. The world around you freezes, while you can still move. For others you will just stand in place. It is a disconnect, but you have no way of reconnecting. So I guess even a small hickup in the connecting can force you to leave the game which you invested time in, which is quite irritating. This issue also happend before the patch, but is happening more after the patch. Today I had this freezing bug in 50% of my games, 5 out of 10 games. Most happened when I was the behemoth right when I wanted to slap someone in the face.


i got this bug 3 times in on day. pretty annoying but can be funny. i had just exited a roll as behemoth to do a attack and his intestines where like shooting out in this massive show. lel. if i remember ill post the pic i took of it to show how funny it is after i get out of college


Have this on PC, the worst part of it is when it happened when we are close to a win and we’ve been chasing the monster forever, and day 5 in evac. Been trying to play for hours today, most of them against players ended that way.


The freezing made me stop playing for a few days, I love this game and have bought almost everything in game, exacpt for the dull skins (2 bundles are left to buy but they are so dull not really worth it) but man it sucks when you try to play after not playing for a while to come to a freezing game in the first few minutes .