Really 2k? No Third Tier In Beta


If this is true 2k I am very disappointed in you.




Seriously though, I hoped to play Caira. It’s sad.


They need to leave some content for when the game releases, we are lucky they are giving us most of the content during the beta.


I"m sad as well but as @MultiDavid said they do need to leave something for release.


Dude I can’t wait to play wraith she my bae


I am not mad but just a little sad of it but anyway I am glad I could play Evolve again after that awesome Big Alpha. And that’s important for me. :slight_smile:


That being said, I wonder if TRS Devs will play with Wraith to test it out against the community haha :stuck_out_tongue:


i assumed they’d be in simply for mass data mining for telemetry. the beta doesnt feel as exciting as it should be anymore.

o well gonna dominate anyways :monster:


Don’t be so bummed out! We’re going to have some awesome stuff saved up for when the game finally drops. We get to play more modes than we did before, and get to play again period. That’s a win for me! Then once the game finally launches I will have an all new tier to strive for. TRS is just keeping it fresh!


It’s a beta, not a demo or early access. Getting additional hunters/monsters let alone getting to keep the ones we unlock is a huge bonus. If participating helps keep this from becoming another MCC or Driveclub upon release…


This I don’t agree with at all. It is a demo. All betas close to launch are demos. Virtually no game company does a demo in the traditional sense anymore. I’ve participated in enough game betas over the years to know very little changes from the beta to the retail release.

Back to the original topic, it would have been nice to see the third tier of hunters and Wraith in the beta. However, I know I would have had no chance of unlocking them. In fact, because of the weekend the the beta is scheduled for I won’t unlock anything at all even if I do set aside time to play. It’s going to be mighty hard to pry me away from drawing and playing Smash with friends!


I was just waiting for this thread to appear. I don’t really care, I am quite daunted by trying to learn Wraith or the new hunters or how to play against them after playing the alpha.

Just another question, is the beta just a weekend like the alpha? Or is it longer or what?


Until the 19th.


So does this mean there’s no Wraith in the beta…? cries internally


It says it right on the Evolve site’s news. BETA. Not DEMO. Just because you think it’s a demo in your mind doesn’t mean it is. The devs are using the beta as a tool, not as a showcase to get you to buy the game.


Ya this is BS!!! i cant play the entire game before the game is even out… this is an outrage!!! /sarcasm


The only issue I have with no third tier is balancing issues, but… they’ll fix that within a month or two of release just like they did between Alpha and Big Alpha, so, no worries.


How can you even complain? Be thankful you get to play the game at all! And early at that!
Even if they did release it all instantly, chances are it would take that long just to unlock them all for the average player. xD They already said that unlocks would be much longer than they were in the alpha, and the alpha took almost 3 days of straight playing to unlock the elite skins.
I think it will work out one way or the other just because it couldn’t happen in time even if we wanted it to. xD


Actually, no. They said that unlocking all the characters will be faster but getting to third skill mastery will take severly longer.

So yeah.


some of the achievements forced me to play terribly so I could complete them… that was a HUGE issue I had with them