Realistic Death Mode


I was thinking as a more realistic add-on (“Realistic Deaths” or something to that effect), perhaps to another or any game mode is realistic hunter deaths - there’s nothing in the storyline to explain how hunters that are dead AND eaten by the monster come back on a dropship. Below I describe the main idea, with supplemental optional ideas that would be fun if balancing works out in parentheses.
For instance, players who have died (unless resurrected by Lazarus in time before the dropship arrives), especially if eaten, (consider making hunters have to defend body from being eaten by wildlife or carry it somehwere) do not get to re-spawn as the same hunter, and that hunter is considered permanently dead for the rest of the match. The player who died would then deploy as another hunter of the same class. (Optionally, players can run back to the dropship to exchange characters within the same class - as long as they’re still alive - for instance, Markov dies. The team stays to guard his body from being eaten by Monster and wildlife, while Val runs back to the dropship to switch with Lazarus, who runs to the corpse and resurrects it, allowing the Markov character to stay in game.)
Depending on how the balancing will work, this mechanic would be good to see span across all 5 days of Evacuation - the hunters try to actually not let hunter characters permanently die, and if the monster kills all 3 characters in a class in the first 4 days, the hunters are forced to Defend 3 vs 1. (With the 4th player perhaps being forced into an Ebon Star merc or other generally weak character) (or force them to choose a character of a duplicate class, so defending with 2 trappers, which may be a disadvantage. If it turns out it’s an advantage, do not allow to duplicate classes)
(As a possibility in evacuation, all of the 9 hunters saved participate in Defend if the players managed to avoid death, with the Monster given some advantage to balance them out.) (The extra hunters could possibly be bots or real players jumping in only in Defend) (Alternatively, do not let the team be above 4 people, but add perks or map advantages for each saved charcter. Especially if those perks are saved-character-sensitive, the hunters will have to strategize which characters to protect most. This way, all 4 days affect Defend, not just the 4th day as current) But certainly the hunters should only be able to choose those hunters that haven’t died yet in the last 4 days. (Also, combined in a sensical way with the rest of these options, carrying corpses or characters on 3rd strike to the dropship to lose them for the match, but be able to re-select them on the next map in Evacuation, or something similar)
This, of course, will work in a regular skirmish. In fact, I think this would allow to remove the automatic win timer - the hunters loose if the Monster kills all hunter characters. This gives a great incentive for hunters to never sacrifice themselves or act foolish. (Lazarus may have to be tweaked to resurrect corpses as weaker each consequent resurrection, perhaps to some extent, or introduce some new balancing mechanic for “zombies”)
(Some care needs to be taken to account for players who haven’t unlocked certain characters yet - the easiest being limiting the mode only to players who have unlocked all characters, making it more of an “end-game” mode.) (Which is actually nice, because inadequacy of teammates will actually punish the team a lot more in this mode, so making it end-game like I stated above ensures all hunters have played with all the characters successfully before.)
Let me know what you think, expand on balancing ideas, or other realistic mechanics such as a concern for wildlife eating corpses!


I’d definitely love to see a no respawn game mode with a severely weakened monster, but it would require a ridiculous amount of balance for one game mode.

I just don’t see that happening, unfortunately.


Sounds interesting.


Actually Hunters do die, except the fact that their memory is stored on the drop ship and its the clones that comes back to fight the monster. Every time you die, the body dies but the mind lives on and is passed to new clone… and cycle repeats.

You get health debuff because everytime you die, the next clone that comes is kinda pre-matured meaning, it will be less efficient aka lower health. As more n more pre-mature clones are sent, the efficiency decreases… Hence MAX health decrease as you respawn…



Oooh, is this official? Where can I read about it?

P.S. game mode still fun


This sounds really complicated lol.

But I love the idea of switching characters mid class instead of respawning. It could get a little complicated for the poor monster though, having to always figure out who he is playing against.


I dunno if i have read it up some where or my brain made that up… I am kinda sure-ish that i heard about the clone part but im sure i made up that pre-mature clone + efficiency thing…

@MeTheBigShow What if your drop ship only has facilities to create clones of those that came first ?

OR you could switch chars once you die but that will create a delay with dropships, aka Dropships going to some sort of ‘MotherShip’ or ’ colony’ to change its equipments to support new class of clones.