Realistic Alien Disscusion


Here’s a place for people to talk about what aliens put in space could possibly be. From Mars to distant world’s made of water. Anything is allowed except for the stupid little grey aliens. Those little humanoids with large heads, yeah those aren’t realistic.


So, no Krogan’s either?


wort wort?


I remember watching a documentary about the possibility of alien lifeforms and whether they would seek contact with us.

They categorized aliens into four types.

  • Type 0 is the humans, or other aliens, who aren’t able to yet fully take advantage of the planet they habit.
  • Type 1 are aliens who are able to take full use of the planet’s natural resources, meaning they are able to control the planet to such extent that they could decide where it would rain, stop tornado’s and use the planet’s energy to max without damaging it in the process.
  • Type 2 aliens take it a step further where they now could take advantage of a star for its energy.
  • Type 3 Aliens are those who can contrrol an entire galaxy.

Based on those classifications, it really depends on whether an alienated species would “bother” visiting us. And if they do, they would be able to research us solely from observation and then proceed further.


Aliens. I personaly can’t imagine them having anything more than a passing resemblance to terrestrial life. Its always two arms and two legs in most media. Not too surprising though considering that someone needs to come up with something truly alien to break that mold.


like what? Independence day? Halo? preform experiments? please define “proceed further.”


As in fly away into the starry night and once a while (more like every 100 years or so) re-visit to see how much we have grown.


Not to mention that there are a lot of alienated lifeforms already on our planet that could give a hint on how creatures might evolve on other planets. Planets such as a much higher gravity than ours will most likely have smaller creatures while planets with lower gravity have bigger creatures.


That classification was explained pretty well by Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist. I’d recommend checking out some of his talks on youtube; pretty interesting.

If anyone is seriously interested in real aliens, there are a lot of good sources and people to look into for researching them. Richard Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe, Stanton Friedman, Whitley Strieber, The Betty and Barney Hill incident, the andreasson affair–these are just a few people and cases that, in my opinion, are pretty compelling. Richard Dolan is a very competent UFOlogist who I would highly recommend looking up on youtube for some of his lectures. He has evidence of many government declassified documents pertaining to the governments’ interest in ufos, as well as a pretty strong argument as to why the government itself would be hiding the fact that aliens/ufo exist.


Yeah, I couldn’t remember who it was (thanks for that though)


Those little humanoids with large heads, yeah those aren’t realistic.

I disagree. I would strongly suggest more research into this subject before dismissing out of hand what types of aliens are ‘realistic’. How do you know these types can’t exist? If you do even just a little research into this subject, you would find that the vast majority of abductees/experiencers report what are commonly referred to as ‘greys’. There are possibly even several types of these, some of which might even be more android like rather than fully biological.

If you wish to open up a ‘realistic alien disscussion’ as your subject line suggests, I would advise doing a little more research yourself on the subject before dismissing facts and information before the discussion even begins.


Just park it over there!


Aliens to me, would be something g almost unrecognizable. But there is 1 thing that would be true.
Almost all animals would follow the same body plan on that planet with exceptions. On earth all vertebrate animals share the same base body plan, with invertebrates being the exception. So one could theorize that all animals that share enough basic features would share the same body plan.


I do research. I just don’t consider much of those reports as credible. Simple as that.


And I would argue it’s my opinion and I would wish you wouldn’t dismiss my thoughts so easily. If you wish I’ll take the part out of the OP but matters like these are purely based on the opinions of the reader.


There’s this great book called Expedition by Wayne Barlowe that explores a hypothetical alien world and the organisms that live on it. It’s pretty well-done, and the creatures look totally unlike anything we’d expect from Earth’s animals. There was also a docufiction adaptation of the book, called Alien Planet, which captures it pretty well.

This isn’t from the book, but I’d wager it’s a rejected design. On the fictional planet–Darwin IV is its name–there’s no oceans, save for a single gelatinous mass which is actually a colony of single-celled organisms. This marine creature, therefore, has no place there, and so was scrapped.

EDIT: Actually, it turns out there was, at one point, a sequel to Expedition in the works. Whether or not Barlowe has any intention to see it through is probably unlikely, but I can’t seem to place the date of the website where I found about this: I do hope he makes another one.


Aliens that can control a galaxy? Wow. I would probably go insane if I ever saw them. I was be extremely scared.


I’m not dismissing your thoughts and/or opinions, I was suggesting that you do a little more research. Perhaps I misunderstood this post; it seems like more of a theoretical discussion on ‘real’ aliens, like the works of wayne barlowe or terryl whitlatch. The subject of aliens is one in which I have done extensive research, so I feel pretty comfortable discussing it. But I think I am approaching this topic from the wrong angle; I apologize if you feel I dismissed your opinions, and I’m not trying to start an argument however I do think it’s fair to be able to critique those opinions if they are going to be shared.


That would be correct. More of what @SirKeksalot posted and this

As apposed to humanoids.


Right, I see where you are going with this. I think I have approached this topic incorrectly. I agree that from a biological standpoint, form follows function; that is how all life on this planet is equipped. And I am a huge fan of wayne barlowe…check out his inferno collection, which is his take on hell–pretty awesome stuff.

As a side note, if anyone is interested in the other kind of aliens, I do have a lot of information and directions I can point them in :slight_smile: