REAL TIRED OF THIS BUG! I know u know about it, FIX IT![PC]


It has been over a week now and this bug makes game unplayable… Why did i spend my money on this game if i can barley play it without this popping up all the time??Just want to show what i see all the time when i play!!!


Your alcoholism is showing.


Has nothing to do alcoholism and more to do with what i see all the time so i figured i would show them what happens when i try to play… this is what i experience a lot… I have reinstalled the game twice now deleted and updated V-card drivers… nothing works!!!


seems like it has something to do with ethernet settings / router settings. not anything game related. am i wrong?


My router is open Nat type and I am directly connected to the modem…


If you look at the post “We know we have lot of bugs…” They are aware of that bug, it’s not connection or router related (you can try with your cellphone by creating a hotspot it will do the same).


I still get this a lot, but it has the frustrating effect of making me want to play more , since I can hardly ever get a full match in… Oh you… oh you Evolve… always keep me wanting more.


I know you are aware, but its been a week and 2days now. Its getting to be a little frustrating when i spend 60$ on a game that keeps kicking me out… If you bought a car that only sometimes made it to your destination would you not be upset??? With after over a week of the seller saying they will fix it???


I am not saying 1 second that you should be in peace with the situation… I have 2 friends plagged with the “protocol error” and not really professional when us customers we pay a very HIGH price for a game. I was just pointing the fact that they know and hopefully working on the problem. Some update from them would be the basis of “customers care” (no update since FEB 13…)

Worst of that, is that they are aware of this bug since ALPHA, but usually respond that the problem is ISP/router/computer related on the customers side…

But the problem seems to spreed a lot and they finally put it on the “Must check list”.

Has I say, if you want to make sure it’s not ISP/router related, use your cellphone (if not same provider has you internet) has a “hotspot” and try to play online. (wont take too much data, if everything on your PC is up-to-date)

Sorry for my english, not primary languages !!!


We don’t pay high prices for games. The cost goes up, but the price doesn’t because consumer outrage would be huge. What we pay for games is actually cheap.


They can’t poof a fix into midair. They take time.


Maybe you consider $60 not a high price, ok… But when you pay $60 and at the end you can’t play the game… then I consider this a way too high price…

Yea it take time to fix the problem… but you still dont have the game and you dont have your $60 anymore…

I can understand it’s frustrating…


I got this same error 2 or 3 times on PS4 too u_u


Yes I can agree that not getting the product you paid for can be annoying.