Real sorry to be complaining about the Matchmaking


It appears to be broken on Xbox One for me today. Cant get in one game at all, just says ‘searching’ for all party players. Up until now, bar being kind of slow at finding games, it has been fine. Also, once the matchmaking has found a game, prior to today ofcourse, it always puts me in mid and late games. All the time it seems. It has never formed a party right off the bat of me searching for a group; or maybe it has once, not too sure on that.

Truthfully, I hate to complain about anything, but the level of matchmaking is atrocious in Evolve. And I absolutely love the game bar the poor matchmaking. It really is a fantastic game!

Also, can you please add Nest, Rescue and Defend to Skirmish, please? :wink:


I can agree with finding a game, it’s always an issue with me for the Xbox. Takes me at least five minutes to find a partially full lobby.
Also, those game modes are in Skirmish, Hunt is just usually dominate. What’s your GT so I can get a team rolling?


In before “This thread again…” meme. Seriously, though, I agree with you whole-heartily, but you are going to flamed into the dirt by the fanbois who think this game is perfect. Fair warning.


Oh, so I can look for other game modes bar Hunt in Skirmish? It usually says: Find Game (HUNT)


I believe it is either a choice of Hunt, or Evacuation. If you want to play the other modes you have to do it only in Evac from what I know. I’m not too sure why they decided to do that.


Don’t be sorry. Matchmaking is a mess right now and it should be a top priority fix along with the lost progression problems.


Hoping that a patch is out this week that would fix the matchmaking problem. Would make my day :wink:


You can do it in custom games as well.