REAL Sick of "OmG PlZ Nerf"


I’m just so freakin irritated, first it was wraith, then it was cabot, then T4 hunter, then elite wildlife buffs, NOW IT"S THE MOTHER@#$%ING KRAKEN??? Are you sh*tting me?!? People just act so pissy for gods SAKE! Hey here’s an idea! Why don’t we give the hunters super soakers while the monsters get socker boppers for hands and breath out confetti and whisltes so then EVERYONE’S having a party?!

Every time I get on these forums it’s just one piss beggar to another asking for some" nerf xxx to oblivion" to first the hunters, then the monsters, THEN the hunters, THEN THE MONSTERS!!! Like holy f*ck man…

There should be no major nerfs except in cases where it gamebreaks, but heeeeyy THATS WHAT PLAY-TESTERS ARE FOR right???

If I play monster, it’s a GUARANTEED win, I’ll obliterate, doesn’t matter who it is, the circumstance of encounter, pre made or not. Should I get “nerfed”? Maybe have TRS send someone over to clip my fingers and make me into an epileptic as to make sure “the playing grounds are fair”. Hate the players not the game, if you can’t adjust OK, but don’t scurry over to the forums like a rat and fuss “But TRSsssssss, that hunter didn’t play the way I wanted him to when I was the monster!”




(Except for Wraith, not because she’s broken but the playstyle of hit and run bothers me when hunting her, decoy, decoy, warpblast, decoy decoy, warpblast, BAM TRAVERSAL TRAVERSAL TRAVERSAL, WARPBLAST, rinse n repeat)

But know what I do when I lose to a good monster?

“GG mate, that was close at the end there” have some laughs, play some more, and get on with my life. Not crawl tothe forums like alittle girl crying for attention.

Nerf the monsters to kingdom come, but all you’ll be doing is weeding out the bad monsters because the good one’s will STILL rekt, 360noscpe, stupid gaming pun here, socker boppers and confetti breathers or not.

Okay rant over.

Weird can’t post into my own thread, regardless though @xino_zero, if I remember correctly, whenever I complain I always bring in my own evidences to at least make my comment/ criticism constructive, but seeing as you were from the last thread that I met you on, you ignored all the constructive posts and went to the ones where I replied inkind to the way others felt they could without any sort of criticisms.


I didnt read it all, the problem with Kraken is that he is legit broken, he ignores almost all CC atm soooo. Yeahhhh. Once thats fixed he’ll be all better


It’s a bug, they’re working on it.


I know, I was just confused as to how he hadn’t heard about it 0_o
I thought it was general knowledge by now


What do you suggest, socker bopper or confetti lightning strike?


I suggest fixing his bug?


And his bug is?..


CC doesn’t affect him at all. Harpoons, tranqs, stasis, nothing.


He ignores all forms of CC, giving him the power to stay airborne at all times, he legitimately cannot be brought out of the air and thats an issue


Why wasn’t this addressed a week or two after release then? I mean he IS the second monster you can unlock so it would seem reasonable that someone would have brought this up MUCH earier. Why now, two months after the games launched when they finished nerf/updating the T4 characters, that this is being mentioned?


It was during the T4 patch this arrived, they glubbed up some of his traversal numbers so now hes a forever flying cthulu-moose


You mean how now hunters now have a constant rate at which they can bring him down?


I’m sick of characters that are obviously broken getting put into the game. After playing sunny for a couple hours I could see how broken she is. It amazes me she made it into the game the way she did. Same with behemoths role attack. In my first match I was exploiting the roll attack because it’s so intuitive. Me and many other people noticed he was dying really fast.


well said if a little angrily :+1:

  1. She’s fine, good monsters will slaughter her

  2. Roll attack you have a good point, it was considered an exploit

  3. Him dying fast was a bug


Apparently she’s not because her damage just got nerfed. Many people, including me, think her jetpack booster needs to be nerfed. It should have been obvious to the devs that she was too powerful relative to the other supports.


A rants a rant eh?

No surprise it got flagged, we have children amongst us in the forum…


Your statements are extreme and unwarranted. Cut off your fingers? Come on, mate. There are a lot of OP posts, yes, and a lot of whining, sure…but there are legitimate concerns with regards to balance issues, bugs, glitches, and tweaking will be made. I for one can say that I have yet to win a fight versus a Kraken since he was changed and I play with decent pre-made teams that used to do well versus Kraken. Harpoons and such are supposed to be able to pull him to the ground, which they currently do not, which is broken…and will be fixed. Lots of whining about it right now, yeah, but no worries, all will be sorted out.


That’s her signature feature, drone’s easy to take care of simply switch targets consistently or break drones line of sight the hunter being attacked to compensate.


Take a deep breath through your mouth, and breath out through your nose. Now calm down, and tell us how you really feel without insulting everyone reading what you have to say.