Real Left 4 Dead 3?


But I’m young.
Am I old in a young body, or young in an old personality?

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I’m an old spirit in a rotting sack of meat and water :smiley:



Cabin Fever?



Dude I love that campaign.
It is my favorite in L4D2

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I’m genuinely a L4D 1 fan don’t care much for 2 there’s just something about it that doesn’t feel right to me probably I just played 1 for so long I know everything in game. I actually played a little on PC not to long ago (I played on Xbox for years) it surprised me I could get a 28 with a hunter when Xbox was limited to a 25.



Yeah even though L4D2 sold more than L4D1 overall, but it seemed that L4D1 attracted the players better than L4D2. And I think Valve made more DLC for L4D1right? I saw Mr.Gabe mentioned about this point in a video interviewing Valve

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My copy of L4D2 on steam includes all of L4D1 and from what I can tell there is much more content for L4D1. It’s fun to be able to play either one from the same game and mod both of them at once though ^^

That’s from the first one though :< and as far as I know they were the dev team behind the first one with valve being the publisher…



Sure you didn’t buy the double bundle?



Oh very. I got it for free on Christmas 2013.

(Apologies for the picture resolution, my phone doesn’t have the greatest camera)



Coldstream was l4d2 exclusively. I remember looking at what maps TRS did for l4d2 and wanna say they also did the rework on the maps from L4D for l4d2 dead air,no mercy etc.



The maps you seen on l4d2 from L4D are reworked and not the same.

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Didn’t they go back into part 2 though and rerelease all the old content?



Yeah but it’s not the exact same I feel like it actually took from the original content.

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The sad thing is that I thought fake news from real news outlets was bad, but good lord Youtube is embracing the hell out of making random videos about the most useless of rumors.

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I came across this in Dying Light