Real Left 4 Dead 3?


I’m just pissed after all these years Valve fucking develops a DOTA card game. If they just released a mind blowing coop or loot shooter on Steam with Valve’s backing I would be so hyped.



Was TRS even a part of L4D2? I thought valve took TRS out of the series after L4D. I’m asking both of y’all because you two are the ones saying “i doubt they’d do it without TRS”. I am just under the impression they did all of L4D2 without TRS.


Sorry I don’t know much about L4D I just assumed TRS was there for the second one, or at least part of it.


That’s what I remember reading as well


Well thing is, a F2P card game will bring more people into steam than a co-op game.If you think about what a big success hearthstone was but now declining because…blizzard.

TRS was not part of L4D2


Possibly, but there were also a lot of other attempts at F2P card games that didn’t do so well. ESO being one of them. I also don’t believe Gwent will be as big as people think either.


Gwent is already enstablished and did okay.Just that.

The other thing about Valve is.They aint gonna release a game just like that.Just because card games are popular.They are doing something that no other has done before im sure.Or else they wouldn’t even do it.
Rumors say from people who have been in Valve HQ that its a card game, it has lanes and heroes and stuff we haven’t seen before.

So who knows.I trust Valve enough to know that i’m gonna see a unique card game


Well Hearthstone has heroes, and ESO Legends has lanes, so it’s not that unique. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know anything about it so I don’t want to knock it, but card games don’t really seem their forte.


What i meant is, in every game there are like 3 lanes with Dota heroes and something like that.No1 knows for sure honestly.It can be the biggest failure of all times sure.But i don’t think Valve would make a game if they werent so sure of it.I mean they could release L4D3 or HL3 and sell better than any game right now.But they don’t.

Anyway we’ll have to wait and see


Well sir you know about steam so well.
I have never actually thought about these points.
Thank you for sharing so much.


I think TRS did work for at least some parts of the game.
Remember the video interviewed TRS by the Gameinformer?
I think Mr. Phil and Mr. Chris have talked about their work on L4D2.


Its probably going to be a mobile game or a card game lol.


Base building game.
For consoles only.
Doesn’t have to make sense.


TRS definitely made coldstream I do know that and that is all I know.


Left 4 Dead 3?
We’ve got the bootleg version coming in a month.


As if it is the first game to come out that is a co-op horde game.


Its a gamemode within a game.
thats why its bootleg


I thought bootleg meant pirated…

Then again I’m not up to date with current internet slang these days :frowning:


That was the impression I was under.


We’re old!