Real Left 4 Dead 3?


Hey guys I have seen some rumors like “Left 4 Dead 3 coming out” on the internet.
I can not distinguish whether they were just fake news or they really have any true evidence about it…
Do you guys know anything about this?
Welcome to share with me.

Picture link:



Got your idea :grinning:


Unless Valve decided to do it without TRS, which would be a bad idea as they kinda made it, then it’s false. I don’t think TRS would outright say they’re working with Valve like they did when they said they were working with Perfect World but they would have hinted at it and we’ve got no hints from them towards it.


I’ll put this in rumors that never go anywhere pile. A leak is a leak sure, but until anything final comes out I’m not hopeful. Also, why a purple background?


It’s super easy to see its faked. Both broken finger nubs are identical. Ones just flipped and enlarged in Photoshop.


Although most likely true

They could have done that to skip out on extra work


Thanks for your reply


I don’t know… may be purple just looks cool :sweat_smile:


Which is fine, but the first was green, the second was yellow. These are more earthy colors so logically speaking it should be an earthy color. Purple is not. Or you can go with the notion that Green, Yellow and then perhaps Red as in traffic lights or increase severity among medical issues. Purple again isn’t one of them.


Sharp-eyed :smile:


That is completely Logic…and logical


Us cows can be smart. :slight_smile:


You are funny bro :smile:
By the way, have you ever visited TRS in Orange County?
I wish I could have a trip to there next year


Ya I was invited over during the Halloween when the gorgon was released to help show it off to the public :slight_smile:


Dang! I feel so jealous at you buddy.
I wished they could invite me also :disappointed_relieved:


Maybe one day :slight_smile: Really cool people. Got to talk to Chris a bit and meet a lot of the people there. Was an amazing experience, 10/10 would go again :stuck_out_tongue:


I think everything has been covered here, but I’ll just add on a little tack-note.

There were rumors of a HL3 file among a Valve employee’s computer some time ago (years?).

I think Valve made a response saying that they were afraid of backlash, in the likes of D2, CoD, etc etc and how those franchises have become stigmatized very recently.

They said they were afraid of hyping up the game, releasing it, then havng it blow out or become disliked because it’s not what people thought it would be.

As for L4D3, I doubt it. Valve stopped being a publisher quiet some time ago, and even if TRS were secretly working on it, I don’t think they would split their team up as it might drag out their new or both supposed IPs.

However I will gladly welcome a L4D3 with open arms as long as the lootboxes are out of the game completely.


Cool. Hope to see you in Orange County :smile:


That post was from 2016 lol.

But anyway.Point is, even Valve employees who left said they’ve seen concept art and many more stuff about L4D3/Portal 3/HL3.
Can’t remember where i read it, it was an interview from an ex-valve employee.I mean yeah, they’ve worked onto stuff.But they don’t seem interested in releasing them.And there are many reasons behind it.
1st: Money.Why would they waste so much money and time into developing a game for 2+ years when they make MUCH MUCH more by selling other peoples games.And if they do that and waste time on that, games like Dota/CS/(Artifact to come soon) will be getting less attention which means less updates.
(Remember Valve,altho a billionaire company, is small.Like 330 employees)

2nd.Will the game be revolutionary?All valve games were in some way.Half life 1 was.Half life 2 was.So was L4D and portal.They were phenomenal with their engine,physics,gameplay.And they would release the sequels on the new engine than the previous game.Right now they still use the same engine, a tad more upgraded.So if lets say,HL3 or L4D3 came out today, the big difference would be graphics.No new techs or fancy new elements.

Besides their gamble on VR, all Valve cares is steam traffic.Altho Dota is a good money-maker they never really cared about that.They cared that MILLIONS of people, new people, downloaded and installed steam.That’s why Artifact is coming out.Most likely a F2P card game to take some of blizzards pie.

Point is, even if L4D came out tomorrow and sold 50 million copies after years of work…Who cares they can make that money within couple of months by selling 2 new released games from other companies lol.