Ready Player One Movie (2018)


True. I’m curious on how bad the royalties must have been to get all these characters in it. I just think about it and shrug and say, probably WAY too much.


Well on TRANSFORMERS it was a mixed bag. For example, there was that point in time that they were kind of trying to convince VW to make an exception or something to its Disney deal for the VW Beetle (“Herbie” deal) so they could get a proper Bumblebee in the film as a VW beetle…

…but then came along GM and they were very eager to throw money and support so that the Chevy Camaro could be Bumblebee… you know how that one ended.

…unconfirmed though is the idea that the rotten looking junk VW beetle in the film is sort of a “F YOU VW” thing… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so hype for this movie. I really liked the book, and just seeing it on screen looks dope. All the Easter eggs and nerd shit has me really excited! Fucking Gundam in a Hollywood blockbuster? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP


True. But advertising a car in a big budget film is one thing, an animated character isn’t really going to bring in sales that much unless they think that people are going to suddenly start swarming the action figure/funko characters.


Hindsight is 20-20…

But I was very much aware of this back in 2002 - 2003…when the issue was “Who is going to pay money to show up in an unproven, lapsed, nobody-cares property?” because that was everyone’s view of Transformers at the time.

I can tell you in the beginning it wasn’t like the car companies lined up from day one.

There was also this issue that nobody could really design anything unless they knew what cars/vehicles had signed on for the film. There was a real chicken-egg problem going on.

The best, supposedly, was an executive who claimed the whole concept was too stupid for a movie because “If the alien robots are so damn powerful, why do they need to pretend to be cars, trucks, and ordinary objects?”

But that is the past.


The funny thing is… I’m pretty sure Mario and other Nintendo characters will be in this. Mario is everywhere now:

Nintendo’s aggressive licensing policy means they should be on everything. Won’t be even surprised if Mario is a constant companion to Parzival. lol.


Which is ironic because they hate people showing nintendo games on youtube without copyright issues :stuck_out_tongue: