Ready Player One Movie (2018)


So I just saw a trailer for a Movie called Ready Player One, and it’s based around a society that is overpopulated and has no space left to build except up, and nowhere else left to explore… except the Oasis…

Basically it looks like a movie that is based around AR and VR, which I believe is the first movie to make that it’s main focus.

Plus I’m ready for those memes of it:


I hear the D&D module Tomb of Horror makes an appearance!


For anyone who has read the book, this is super exciting.

Basically in the near future, the world is lacking heavily on natural resources. The worlds population is on a decline, and life is hard for all but the extremely wealthy. In this future however, a virtual reality simulation known as the Oasis is the pinicle of society. This system allows for the free use of Internet and let’s everyone shop, educate, and play in this separate world with their own avatars. The creator of the Oasis announced a quest filled with secrets and challenges and whoever could complete the quest would inherit his fortune.

It’s one of my favorite books and the movie is directed by Stephen Speilburg. I am very hype for this movie.


It also seems like they are able to fit in most if not all the references from the book as far as I heard.


I don’t have the time to read books, but this movie looks better than A Wrinkle In Time (also based off a book). Hopefully it’s not dependent on the book like aWT is.

Plus that intro-cinematic music when he’s going into the Oasis… damn good


That’s the most exciting part! I want to see all the 80s references. Lemmie see all the mechs and spaceships from pop culture in one movie


It does, I read the book a couple years back. It’s a great read.


I’ve been meaning to, I’ll probably see if the library has any copies available.


One of my favorite sci fi novels. I hope the movie can do it justice.


I played that one!!
Albeit an abridged version meant to serve as a challenge more than a module, but I didn’t realize it’d be in the movie!
(Edit) or that it’s in the book!!


Second trailer

Notable additional franchises appearing in this trailer other than the ones already shown previously like BTTF and The Iron Giant:

King Kong
Speed Racer
Battleborn (El Dragon fighting alongside the Battletoads)
Tomb Raider
Street Fighter
Overwatch (not kidding)
Mobile Suit Gundam
DC Comics (The Joker and Harley Quinn)
Child’s Play (Chucky the killer doll)

Unconfirmed, but claimed by some viewers (I guess when you got your nerd-on you can imagine some things):

Mass Effect
Metal Gear Solid

Thoughts: the addition of modern franchises tells me the story will be evolved and spun forward to talk more about Gamer culture as well as that conflict that exists between pop culture consumers and the corporations that want to control them. This movie, following the aftermath of EA’s lootbox fiasco on Star Wars: Battlefront 2 may be seen as a relevant symbol of media, consumption, and net neutrality as opposed to corporate interests. If there’s a director who can ring all those bells, it’s Steven Spielberg.


Very interesting, but I was already sold the moment Van Halen came on :wink:

This and JW2 are going to be the engine of my hype train for next year.


I dunno. Spielberg is in the same vein as George Lucas and Ridley Scott. They make a decent film once in a while lately but most are kinda ‘meh’. The only decent films he was involved with lately were Lincoln and Super 8. Those aren’t exactly recent. Anything after 2010 is fairly low consistent quality. Before that he had lots of great ones including directing personally. Lately, not so much. Him being an executive producer on the Transformer flops also doesn’t add credence to his resume either :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that the movie is good, but I also felt that the book wasn’t that great tbh. It has a cool idea for a premise, but I think the book got to the point where it was pretending to be something much more than what was actually there.


I thought BRIDGE OF SPIES was good. So I’m convinced he still has it.

Transformers is a special case… sort of… I know a thing or two about how Bay landed the gig (he was among the last main creatives to join the project)… but nothing I know is considered official. :wink:


I also saw Chun Li, I think Deadshot, and Parzival’s whip is a Delorean, the one from Back To The Future.






Considering Battleborn got in there… I kind of feel pissed the gang from EVOLVE didn’t make the cut… for one… having all the Shear monsters on the side of the bad guys and seeing stuff like Iron Giant vs Bob or the Gundam in a shooting match with Kraken would have been amazing.


Or they could also have not shown every character in a short teaser trailer as well. I don’t know why people like trailers that show everything these days. Where is the mystery?


Ah… well of course I meant in the full print not the trailer.

But… it’s just that somehow I feel pessimistic about EVOLVE being in there, while the trailer shows Battleborn is indeed in there… that’s all.