"Ready or Not Here I Come" Evolve Version MP3


@TRS Any chance we can get a copy of that song on MP3? Anyone know where we can find it?


Heres the song go nuts.


Mmmm good stuff, gets me excited.


Woah. That song is way cooler than I thought it would be.


That is not the soundtrack the ready or not trailer uses?

It is way calmer


Speaking of Evolve video music, anyone have an MP3 file of the music from the Evolve intro cinematic?


I looked around this aint the “Evolve” version, Im specifically after the Evolve Version


Das sum sik dubstip yo.

Am I doing it right?


Theres the actual song used in the trailer on the bands official youtube page.


it is made by Scala and Kolacny Brothers. they dont have the file seperately, it would be easy to make into an mp3 file though, but not without the sound effects. it is made specifically for that trailer, you can hear it on how long a pause there is when he starts sniffing