Ready Indicator

In Legacy we had such a feature that showed when people are readied up to play.
It would be nice if we could see the feature again, but this time instead of people clicking ready themselves it shows ready when you’ve selected all your perks.

I’ve had many games where I’d go into a match without any perks on, because the perk selection screen is messed up and I picked the wrong perk and had to go back and BAM! bad luck bucko game is starting. :laughing:
If you could see the other sides ready state you wouldn’t do such a thing. XD


Was that taken out? Bit odd… I’d love to see it put back in, it was always useful.

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I believe it was taken out last year. But back then you’d have to ready up first before a match would start. Its kinda like Hunt Beta.

Can confirm… Ready up… was never a thing…

Ready Up wasn’t a thing but the check mark to say you are ready was.

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