Ready for refund


First of all, I want to say I am a very light gamer. Tech is a hobby for me and always enjoy test driving new consoles and picking up a couple of blockbuster titles in between tinkering with my other gadgets.
I love this game and don’t even know what the dlc hype\hate is about. For me, the rage should be about how unstable this game is at release with a premium price tag. Rarely, can I fire on my console and launch this game. Honestly asking, is this next gen expectations? That’s why I’ve always loved picking up a console and a game cuz it works right out of the box.
Either way, if there is ever an option to get a refund for this broken game I will gladly opt in and rebuy , even at premium price again if it works and there is still a community backing it.


Unstable how?


I constantly get disabled from party servers have to hard reset quit game and clear cache to getit to work.


the servers are getting slammed from launch. just need to bear with it. almost every online game will be like this at launch. i just recommend waiting a month for any online game if it bothers you that much.


And you have had no luck tracking your problem and finding a fix for it?
I’m sure you’re not the only one with this problem


Why are you still awake @b1nge xD


It doesn’t that much if that’s the case with all new games at launch. Thats why I gave a heads up about being a light gamer. Haven’t bough a game at launch in years and was curious if this is the case now


Can confirm that 90% of games have terrible launches.

But in defence for Evolve i had a smooth launch.Alpha/Beta/Launch had nothing wrong in them for me.Guess i was just lucky :stuck_out_tongue:


I find server issues are common with many AAA titles at launch these days. Also, many problems are exclusive to XB1. PC players have few to none.


The only problem I have every ten or so games a graphical glitch that gets worse every match unless I reset it.


Actually that’s kind of the weird thing. I haven’t found a lot of support from google outside of issues with beta in reddit. I’ve felt like I am on an island which might be since I am on xbone.


Try some xbox-forums (if there are any? I don’t know anything about xbox), perhaps people are experiencing the same things.
Also, like some people have already mentioned, PC (and ps4 maybe) have next to no problems. It might be that’s it’s just related to xbox (live) and/or Microsoft. Not necessarily the fault of TRS

Editing/rendering/uploading videos


If they dare nerf the monsters then I’m asking for a refund


Not -too- off topic here, but am I the only one who thinks it’s heavily ironic that 2K tried to push the console on which the game is the most broken?

I hope they resolve these issues ASAP. I don’t want 2K to decide that Evolve was a bad investment and unjustfully can TRS, when they’re the ones who fucked up the marketing.


I don’t think they can, they have an obligation to at least let them make the future content they sold with the PCMR edition of the game.

I have to say thats a positive thing that came out of pre selling the DLC lol, after that has been released you never know though.


I’m absolutely fine with server issues, that happens. But reset character progressions with the current word being unable to restore them? That’s completely unacceptable and is the sole reason I’m debating a refund.


That’s just how popular online games are these days. Most are much worse. I remember D3 was literally unplayable for me for the first day (as in I couldn’t even log in it to get to the main menu). I want to say I had issues logging in for a couple days after too but I forget. That’s not the only game that has been like that either. Not by a long shot.

Evolve was pretty smooth in that regard tbh.


Online-based games always have server issues, and Evolve is no exception. You can be stuck for a dozen+ minutes searching for a lobby, sometimes having to search again to find a match. It’s not as bad as Diablo III or MCC in that respect.

What makes it far worse, however, is the progression loss, sometimes even negative progression. That makes the game not even worth playing if everything you do can just vanish in the blink of an eye. It’s a common glitch at that, which makes it even more ridiculous. I was there for the launch of a lot of online-only/centric games like Titanfall, Destiny, MCC etc, and without a doubt this is the worst console launch I’ve ever seen mostly because of that glitch.

Nothing beats the new Simcity though :smiley: