Ready for an experienced team (XBox One)


If any team needs an experienced player to compete for tournament play let me know and reply sorry if its in the wrong section


I moved it for you. You should probably atleast mention which console you are on, be it PC, Xbox or Playstation.


Thx xbone 10 car


yu dun did it rong


You may want to put your GT in your original post.


¿Qué quieres decir?
Además ni siquiera hablo español, bueno, me dieron un dos, pero que no viene al caso.


Quiero decir, señor, que usted todavía lo pone en la categoría incorrecta.


Elite Team? Sounds fancy. Too bad I can’t play one character for more than two games in a row without switching. So many characters… that are so close to elite… @_@


Naprawdę? to tylko jedna kategoria "poszukuje grupy ", conajmniej tak daleko, jak mogę powiedzieć.


On szuka kogoś do roli jednej konkretnej klasy, więc szuka członka.


I think he just means good players.


Oh. Well then. Still sounds fancy. I’m a good player! I don’t have a full team tho (Mainly play premades with whatever friends are on atm)… :S


Ok, jeg skjønner hva du mener, men han spør om det er et erfarent lag som trenger noen å trene mot,
så det er fortsatt riktig. Han ser etter en gruppe.

Vent… endret jeg til ser etter medlem?
Oi da. :flushed:


Du endret det til medlemskap, jeg endret det til gruppen.