Reading on ign best boss battle of 2014


Just thinking to myself how evolve will have the top spots in 2015 one for each monster lol


None of them will be on that list.

Because Evolve is a 2015 game. It might get a honourable mention at best.


My comment says 2015? I got the thought from this years article


Your thread title does not. P:


Bc upon reading the 2014 article it made me think how the 2015 version will pan out. No need to be a know it all or if so read the entire comment. I just thought it was a cool thought to think that evolve is completely redesigning what we know of as a boss battle. All the bosses on the list are AI that follow patterns and tendencies, I just think its cool how evolve is making it so new and fresh. I could see the list next year having a spot for each monster bc each fight is so different.


No one was being a know-it-all. Was I rude to you in any way… ?


I posted the topic as a fun thought not to be incorrectly corrected. Its fine its dropped.


Didn’t mean to piss in anybody’s cornflakes. I just didn’t make the link right away, it’s just a mishap.

Back on topic-- I’m pretty sure they’ll bundle up the four monsters ( or maybe more by the time the article is made! ) into the first place, since, well, Evolve is basically a boss fight simulator. Which is awesome.


Just amazes me that was the first statement you thought to say.


You’re starting to sound demeaning as hell and I’ll politely ask you to back off.


Evolve changes the typical “boss battle” as we know it and turns it on its head, so it may not even be a part of those former categories. Evolve needs its own categories now, heh. It’s like how I strongly feel CGI actors like Andy Serkis should have a fair shot at the Oscars…but they need a new film category for CGI acting. Maybe this will be the year?


Good analogy. Yah I just came across it and as an avid destiny player the only thing that keeps me going is the rewards due to boss battles being repetitive now. I played the alpha of evolve and what keeps you going is the variety which is much more rewarding.


Settle down now, we’re all friends here lol. But I don’t think it would be a boss battle. It’s still pvp no matter how you slice it. I get that it’s got a boss battle feel but it’s not a real boss battle imo.


Well they could always just consider the AI monsters as being “bosses” right? (Evolve follows its own rules :laughing:)


I’ll give Evolve credit where it’s due. The type of game mode they are going for (asymmetrical MP) is very rare, but one that I’ve found to quit thoroughly enjoy. The only other game that was asymmetrical that had a lot of staying power with me was Splinter Cell’s Spies vs Mercs. In that game, you pitted 2 human spies vs. 2 human mercenaries. It’s not as askew as 4 humans vs 1 evolving monster (a unique dynamic of asymmetrical play).

But it followed a more linear principle. Players could not evolve their abilities, but there were defined playstyles, and you were VERY dependent on your teammate for success. The Spies played in 3rd person and had non-lethal weapons. Their gear was kitted out for recon, subterfuge and electronic warfare. They were nimble and capable of taking routes that the Mercs could not. The Mercs, on the other hand, were played in 1st person, and their gear was about hunting, trapping, surveillance. They were not ones you would wantonly go toe to toe with and expect to survive unless you had the element of surprise on your side.

Like Evolve, there’s a great cat n mouse game beneath it all. One side feels hunted at a point, but can turn the tables if need be. It’s not symmetrical MP; you have abilities your opponents do not. And you have to play to those strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. There is a lot of strategy in these games types, which I personally love, and which is why these game modes are not as popular as CoD, where you can lone wolf and be successful on your own. In these games, you are punished for going solo (or at least, there is a lot of risk, and you have to choose whether it is work it to do so).

Evolve’s “boss battle” plays out like L4D on a basic level; to that point, it is nothing “new”. A major fault, IMO, with Evolve, will be that enjoyment of the game will heavily depend on whether you have friends you can play with when you are ready to play. Personally speaking, I get very upset with I go pugging and my teammates are uncoordinated (to be expected). Frustrating experiences do significantly lower enjoyment. But when playing with friends, I can lose, and still have had fun. So I just need to ensure I have a large pool of friends online at any given point, or instead, choose to spend my time playing against the AI w/o another human opponent.


Ah, splinter cell multiplayer. Now that was a hella lot of fun. Too bad there were so many unwritten rules like not being able to use all weapons and equipment as the merc etc…

I hope Evolve doesn’t got that route. ‘No Parnell or I’ll leave’ kinda crap.


Well, let me also clarify that I mean Chaos Theory’s SvM. Blacklist’s SvM was SO anticipated by me and my friends, and to this day, I still feel the heartbreak from its poor implementations. Ubisoft long has a history of shooting itself in the foot, and how they made Blacklist’s SvM was, to me, a horrible over simplification.

The engine was nice, but they removed too many core aspects of the game. Giving Spies the ability to 1-click kill Mercs from any angle, wall-hacking vision modes, and auto-aiming death from above moves took all the skill and challenge out of the game. Not to mention giving Spies lethal weapons made the Spy the dominant aggressor and promoted engagement rather than stealth. Ack… you know, I don’t even want to go into this, TBH, because it just brings up more disappointment on what Ubi did to what has probably been one of the most amazing and heart-pounding game modes I’ve played in my 30+ years gaming. :disappointed:


Agreed in full. One of the reasons I beg developers for self-hosted games is so that when people make these kinda demands in my game, I can add them to a blacklist and boot them out, never to have to deal with them again. Sadly, player management and self-hosting abilities are far becoming more rare as more and more developers take to features and functionality that is common in console-based multiplayer architectures, rather than PC ones.


Bah. never played the blacklist multiplayer, but that does sound ruined. Although at quite a few times I had trouble understanding the balance in chaos theory as well. A spy could just throw a smoke bomb on you and rush you down before you had your gasmask on, resulting in a long KO and probably a hack done. I thought mercs had the upper hand at direct combat…?


Yeah, the learning curve in CT’s SvM was rather high. And there were people who, in time, learned that a coordinated group of “Aggro” Spies could be a rather fearsome foe to deal with. Mercs were at a disadvantage if they tried to stay together because they could not best cover the objectives due to their slower speed and more direct routes of travel. But Spies. Spies were so mobile that they could work together (in order to 2v1 a Merc they came across) and get the upper hand.

It was one of the reasons why you had to really be on your ‘A’ game skill wise and with communication as a Merc. The moment Spies started tripping detectors, or you saw them on CamNet, let your teammate know and move to address the threat.

Man, just thinking about the game now gets my heartbeat going. SO many great games. Always looking over your shoulder whether you were Spy or Merc. Cat and Mouse at its best!