RE: Magma Skins in Store


Will the Magma Skins eventually be available for purchase, or will they remain tied to the Hunter Bundle?


Nope, they should be purchasable. Soon I would think.


They were 30 day exclusives, were they not? Should be up soon…


Thanks, guys!

You may use your supernatural powers to close this. :grimacing:




Oooh, that’s uncanny! :laughing:


Sometimes i wonder why i have all these pictures just laying around in my phone, then these moments arrive, and it all becomes clear
Or im just really lazy and havent cleaned up my photo album.
But i digress.


That’s awesome. I have a collection of oddball stuff, mostly Godzilla memes, but some of them are super-obnoxious, so they don’t get a lot of play around here. :laughing:


In the name of Kraken, it is done.