Re-leveling-up as an experienced player. Feels Sadistic


So I played on my brother’s computer/account before, and have finally upgraded my computer, and have been leveling up my account.

I think its a bit grindy, and I don’t mean like a jrpg slog, its sorta…noob crushing, destroying souls, dream killing, its kind of horrific.

How about implementing “challenge mode” where you take 2x damage or something and get 2x xp for rounds?

:X There’s only so many people I can walk over before my conscious starts to wear on me.


I have done it 3 times, you would not believe how salty four level 40 people get when a level <5 monster sweeps them in evac.


Lol I know exactly how you feel. I leveled to 40 on pc originally but one of my friends only has a ps4, so i bought the game again to play with him. Re-leveling back up was painful sometimes. Even going easy on them i felt like i was clubbing baby seals the whole time.


Yes because the mastery system is a shitty timesink and not something which adds to the game. Wonder that all people actually enjoy this kind of system.


I’m switching from PC to PS4 too. I play Hunters Quest and have almost every tier unlocked there. That’s 50% i am saving, at least on hunters.


Haha sounds like a lot of fun

Anyone know how to reset level on Xbox one ?


You can’t.


I let my friend try out the game with Steam Family Sharing. When I eventually took over to show him how it’s done, I was stupid enough to believe my fellow teammates would trust and follow the advice from me, a level 5 Trapper.
They did not. I already grew tired after 2 rounds of not letting Laz do the reviving and Medics being more concerned with playing Sniper Elite than healing teammates.

After ending up frustrated by every single noob mistake they made, I coincidentally decided it’s time I show my friend how to crush them as the Monster.

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I tried doing that to my terrible team once, and the MMR swapped out the players without me noticing and I got put against some high level duders. I was like FFFFFF

I deserve my vengeance.

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