Re-Evaluating pings, in competitive play


Hey guys, i’d like to discuss a small possible quality of life addition and i’d like some opinions from the community mostly from competitive players. Would anyone prefer to see the color of the class for the Q pings rather than the informational pings that pug games require.


Red is monster spotted
Red is also Assault
That would get extremely confusing


I think having the colour of the class on the outside of the ping wouldn’t be a bad idea. If it’s solid red then it is Assault pinging the Monster. If it is solid yellow then it is Support doing a normal ping. I think that could work.


I don’t know that this is necessary. As @Quirkly said, it would mess up the color coding of the monster and stuff. Also, in a coordinated/competitive team, if somebody is pinging they’re going to be talking about it too.


Changing it up has been discussed before. I believe the most popular alternative was different-shaped, class-specific, pings.


Personally I think pings should be icons.
Trapper Ping= :trapper:
Support Ping= :support:
Assault Ping= :assault:
Medic Ping= :medic:
“I see the monster” Ping= :monster:


I could get used to that, less confusion I suppose. :smiley:


I just think itd be nice for relaying messages, when I make a Mine nest I’d like to have an assault ping so I can relay where they are for the medic instead of pinging like crazy and hoping he/she understands


That would be so helpful. It would certainly make it easier to communicate in pub games. I hope this gets implemented at some point.


Hear that TRS, make me dev, the people like my ideas, halp me halp you, pls ;w;


don´t try. we cant even get windowed fullscreen.

btw this exact same thing was discussed 5 month ago. see how much has happened? yeah.


That would be a bit of an eyesore. Someone spams pings and yay, there’s a massive blob of blue on my screen, yuck. Plus the circles are clean, concise, and don’t make me freak out with ridiculous asymmetry. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, could work.


Or use mics. Always that option :smile_cat: