RBG Color selection in bades void of saturation slider ? (Give me gray colors!)


So why is there no way to change the saturation of your colors? The default colors obviously does it, standard monster badge is grey. But if you want to replicate that somewhere else you can’t. It’s really hard to make a good looking monster badge when everything has to be max color all the time. Only way to make it dark is to use a dark color or go 100% white/black if you don’t want the vibrant colors on it…

So Turtle Rock pls fix?


It would be nice to have a grey tinge, but if this is implemented it won’t be for a while.

Getting everyone in games and stable matches are priority at the moment. :slight_smile:


That is probably true yea. Also realized it is not as easy to as I first thought to just scale the values as I first thought now that I think abit more about it.

Anyway, hope that they can realise there is a problem atleast so it can be worked out.