Razer Evolve Edition


Would you buy Razer mouse/keyboard featuring Evolve on it? Lots of games are teaming up with Razer to make their own special “Collectors Edition” goodies featuring mouses and keyboards. Would be pretty neat to see Evolve in action with Razer.


Idk Razer is kind of expensive when I already have an LED keyboard and a programmable weighted adjustable dpi gaming mouse… I would buy a collectors edition of evolve if it had something else though :stuck_out_tongue:


YES! the game looks amazing, and id love to have a keyboard and mouse that has evolve on it, it would be even more amazing if the mouse had Goliath or kraken on it


I’m not sure if it’ll sell much. Evolve is brand new IP and usually well established franchises get the merchandise treatment on other products.


I think an evolve themed Xbox1 controller would be more realistic and I´d buy one for sure if I liked the design!


I’m more of a Logitech guy. If they had a mechanical keyboard with an Evolve theme, I’d pick it up.


not a fan of razer. Most of their mice use shitty sensors and the few that don’t use very mediocre sensors. Not to mention their build quality has certainly gone down the last couple of years.

Logitech, Roccat, Mionix, or Zowie though? would be very cool!


I’ve owned two Razer products, and now that I know more about what is actually on the market, I regret purchasing them. It is very doubtful that I’ll buy anything with Razer’s name on it again. The headset I bought a while back broke after a year, and the Razer Mamba 2012 edition that I got is starting to go crazy if I try to use it in wired mode.


I’ll never again buy another Razer product. They remind me of Alienware, just pure fluff without an ounce of usefulness.

I much prefer Madcatz (funny, I know, but their recent Cyborg RAT lineup is immensely awesome), Hori, & Snakebyte. Maybe the occasional Logitech or Microsoft accessory and even Rosewill, but that’s it.


Razer BlackWidow…stealth obviously. With a red backlight. Would be pretty slick


bites tongue


Im a Razer user with very good experience myself, but i have the feeling that the majority of the people nowadays don’t recommend razer. Maybe its true what @atavax said, because i bought my Lachesis and Black Widow (mouse and keyboard) like 3-4 years ago, and i never had a problem with them! Maybe the quality went down over the years… ;o


I never had bad experience with them - i had their controller; but like i said in another thread, i’m a Logitech guy… the new mouse they introduced recently was nice but so far my g510 is strong and i didn’t bite… same thing goes for keyboards. Nothing interests me right now.


That would be fantastic!


I would not only buy it right off the bat, I would rip the freakin box off like a gorilla as fast as possible. That is all.


I already made 5 keyboard profiles with Synapse for each Evolve class on my razer blackwidow chroma :stuck_out_tongue:
And it renders beautifully :smiley:
Red/green/skyblue/yellow for assault/trapper/medic/support and deep purple for monsters…
And I have profiles for other games…
Point is: no need for a controller special edition when U can customize all your games with one. As for the logo, some printing on a vinyl would render good and be simple to make!
Just saying: don’t only buy! Make!