Rate the song above you?:) Be friendly


So, to start this i’m posting the maintheme from my favourite GBA/DS series Golden Sun which i want a fourth installment in T,T Anyway enjoy and hope people will post there own songs/soundtracks to continue this thread and that people will be friendly :slight_smile:



Just gonna put this here…


makes me wanna run naked through a forest


almost forgot the song oops


Watching this thread for later subjugation of my music.


Very nice. Like the different wind instruments.



I enjoyed it. Kinda strange, but the percussion was rather good.


Meh, not my thing.




Not what I normally listen to, still enjoyable, but I’m probably not gonna listen to it again


Oh so you old fashion ey? I guess it’s a nice song for the throwback of humanity…

Thoughts anyjuan?


8/8 gr8 r8 m8

Fuck Donald Trump.


Quite plesant and relaxing, nice to chill to.


Interesting take on the original one ._.

My turn!


NiceI have listened to other French songs but I have never listened to them :open_mouth:
It’s not really the kind of music I listen too often, but I enjoyed it!

Ok, so here’s mine! :smile:


haven’t watched this show but hearing this song makes me want to check it out! I don’t like number scores, but I would say it is a really good song for a show!

Edit: after a second listen I think I liked it even more the second time.


Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Toro.

Have to link this now, by law:


I haven’t heard them before, but I like that song, and I’ll look up other ones from toro


Meh, not really my thing.


A little bland for my tastes, I love music that is… “unique”. But the percussion and vocals are great.