Rate the Match


After the match ends . I think all players should have a rate option and TRS can see the correlation between Hunters characters /maps / monsters / win time / who won and how the rate is picked

For example : if the monster was kraken . How would you rate the match after it ends based on some variables . And how characters or maps affect your satisfaction level . Do new players enjoy the game ?

It’s helpful tool to get a feedback

Do you support Rate the match option ?

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  • No

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Not needed when you get enough “Kraken OP” comments every other day.

A 5-star system doesn’t give out details like a person coming to the forums does.

So players really liked/hated a match… and… then what? Can’t get any specifics as to why they hated or liked a match. Sure you see what characters they picked and how long it was and what stage the Monster was but TRS already gets all of this information as it is.

And sore losers will just rate it a “Bad Game” in a loss while the lousy winners will rate it a “Good Game” leaving mixed feelings on the match and leaving skewed results.

Seems like a good idea in theory but TRS doesn’t need to implement such a thing.

It’d be somewhat “abused” like adding in a “Kick Option.” Good idea in theory but information would be skewed by sore losers and what not.


Salty people would provide skewed data. Not a good idea


I’d be hated on as Gorgon everyday. Nope


A lot of the vote would be done on emotion not actually how good the game was i.e if you already hate kraken and lose to him your going to give the lowest rating lol