Rare replay


surprised there isn’t already a topic on this but rare replay was released recently and is a very nice trip down nostalgia lane with games from the n64 era and before(and after in a few cases). all but 2 of the games* in this bundle make it well worth the money (only £20 in the uk)and I would thoroughly recommend this game to everyone even people who aren’t old enough to remember the original games.

personal favourites…

banjo kazooie 1&2
perfect dark
and my kids will kill me if I don’t put viva pinata in this list (honest it’s my kids that love it)

*perfect dark zero and grabbed by the ghoulies are poor

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Conker for life.


yeah, conker is ace. seems to be the overly censored version they included though…still a great game


Do you have a list of all the games included?

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I really enjoyed Perfect Dark. It wasn’t as good as Golden Eye (But what is/was?) but it’s fairly comparable.



lunar jetman
atic atac
sabre wulf
knight lore
rc pro am
cobra triangle
snake rattle n roll
solar jetman
digger t.rock
rc pro am 2
battletoads arcade
killer instinct
blast corps
banjo kazooie
jetforce gemini
perfect dark
banjo tooie
conkers bad fur day
grabbed by th ghoulies
perfect dark zero
viva pinata
jetpac refuelled
viva pinata trouble in paradise
banjo kazooie nuts and bolts


I must buy this


after writing the game list i’m kicking myself for forgetting battletoads in my favourite list


Aw, man, why wiuld they do that? The OG is hard to come by, but you can easily snag reloaded. That’s disappointing.


I might be wrong on this as i’ve been playing through the games with the kids to show them what games were like when I was a kid (ok maybe not a kid ) and obviously conker isn’t super appropriate for kids, but it’s the 360 version so I am assuming it’s the censored one.

intresting side note-the 360 games included go on to your games home screen individually and you can load them from there and it boots you to an xbox 360 screen giving a glimpse of how backward compatibility works


Yeah, that version was censored. Boo.

Right, I read that about backwards compatability. Interesting way to do it. Sony needs to get on board.


Its standard Bad Fur Day from the N64.


And you get to play as rash from battle toads in KI if you have an achievement


I absolutely love the rewind and save state features in it, makes those difficult levels in Battletoads much MUCH easier, but then I got to the level where you have to race a rat to a bomb before they set it off, got to the third rat and the game glitched once I got rid of the last bomb, so I gave up!

Blast Corps and Grabbed by the Ghoulies are also very fun too.


I’m kinda in two minds about the rewind feature. I suppose it is good in a way but I loved how challenging some of those games are, battletoads in particular. i’m one of these sadists that like games that only give you so many lives to complete and I dislike things like infinite lives and self recharging health bars. but then I suppose I don’t have to use the rewind feature and it’s beneficial if needed


Dude, aint nothing wrong with Viva Piñata (nor a grown man playing it for that matter) :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously its like one of the last Rare games that actually captures the charm that the originality Rare games had back in the N64 era due to the imagination, music and silliness.

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