Rare Hunter/Monster Skins


I was wondering if there could be some rare skins that are awarded to the highest ranking players in Evolve.

In Littlebigplanet, if your level gets recognised by someone from their dev team and they like it, usually you’ll be awarded a crown headpiece to wear for being an exceptionally good creator.

Maybe if you reach the top 500 you could be awarded with a free skin that can be used on every monster or weapon. It’d be cool to see something like this added to make dedicated players feel special during a match, people could be like “wow! They have the rare (X) skin” and I think it’d be nice to let the odd few have this privilege


Interesting idea, I’m a fan of LBP and the crown is like a wearable trophy that you can take with you wherever.
It’d have to keep somewhat within the Shear theme (no objects or images on it) but rewarding it might be an awkward task.
Do you get it for x amount of games won? What if you just had a group of poor players you exclusively played with, and in reality you suck compared to everyone else?
Quickest game won?
Level doesn’t mean everything, I can say from experience.
There’s a lot of variables


Ya I’m not opposed to the whole award system but there has to be a fair system to get x award because as much as I’m looking foward to playing the crap out of this game I am also a college student and may not have the extra time to keep up with rankings because there are some people who just play all day and are on top of leaderboards for reason like that


You could do it just have a separate one for monster, and one for hunters. Ex: if a monster downs all 4 players back to back within a certain time frame they could be awarded a skin. And for the hunters it could be not letting the monster eat a certain amount of wildlife and could be awarded a skin for their gun or something. It could be achievement skins an not merely top percentile of the players.


Yeah there should be more unlockables other than monsters and hunters to give everyone something to work towards.


I wonder if the devs would consider giving everyone active in the forums a rare skin as a thanks for using them. But I see what you mean about people who play all day. I think there could already be a way to unlock skins by doing certain things, I’d just love to see some really rare stuff that only a few people have


Like the forums idea would be a great way to say thanks for all the support and interest in the game.


It’d be also neat if we all could pick which custom skin we would like for a character, but that would be too much stress for the developers I think! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this award system. :slight_smile: Players should get awarded for their gameplay or just by playing the game a lot to encourage.


I really like the idea of “rare” skins partly because it shows dedication but mostly because im a skin whore. Im so happy that EB games is giving weapon skins along with the monster pack for pre-orders.


It’d be cool to have a skin where Goliath’s eyes and fire are blue instead of orange. I think I’ll pre-order from GAME, since they have the Monster Expansion DLC and an “instant unlock” DLC for four hunters. I’m guessing you start off with only a few of the hunters unlocked and you need to work your way up to get more


It’s not the same pre-order that gives you the new DLC for free once it’s released ?


The instant unlock isn’t. That’s exclusive to GAME. The monster expansion DLC is the same pre-order bonus everyone gets though