Rare fauna perk?


I got a perk that lets all hunters see all animals under 40ft, including the monster. I picked it up and I was able to see all animals with red outline through all walls for upto 40ft(or more).

I searched forums and wikia and couldnt find any information on this perk. Can somebody shed some light on this?

Also My char(abe)and Hyde yelled about this likr OH LOOK A RARE THING…

The perk was from a weird creature thats like 1/3rd size of that creature with electric shock attacks…


That’s from the albino spotter.


that perk is awesome.without the perk we would have never seen the wraith sitting behind a rock 2 feet away


Yup, elite spotter (the things that let loose a loud cry when the monster is close). They are hard to catch because once you find it, it tries to burrow back into the ground