[RANT]Torvald+Sunny+Slim win vs. Stage2 Kraken with no trapper


So, I play a public match as kraken (every other monster but goliath had been previously picked)

I get to stage 2: Full armor. Down the trapper that moved ahead of the group… and then nothing.

Sunny+torvald+slim WIN THE GAME be denial of sight via spore grenade, massive healing (which overwhelmed my AOE… literally, could not do enough damage with two strikes on ALL the remaining players), and massive damage…

Thanks Turtle Rock… I’m sure all these wonderful threads on (It’s too hard to dodge LS and nova) work out great… but really, I’ve literally been watching every thread on 2.0 Torvald, Sunny, Kraken, Slim, and a host of balance suggestions & complaints BEGGING for balance for now weeks… I’m literally… Fed up with this combination…

I’m sure I’ll meet a WONDERFUL amount of “You suck, get gud” in this thread. But literally, these 3 characters are practically an in game DDOS.

I’ve LOVE to see what balance changes are in store… but as it stands: your game in it’s current state is UNPLAYABLE as monster…

I’m literally SICK of playing against this OP combo…
I’m getting thrown into matches against people 9-10+ my rank… using this combo.
-Slim’s DPS+AOE heal is fantastic. So fantastic that he can support the entire team at once.
-Sunny’s shield drone… can it even be destroyed? Does it even matter… She can spam another one! It forces you to switch targets (From say, a party healing spam-tacular healer) and put punitive damage on another player (while this stupid bug the size of 6 pixels escapes your view because of spore grenades) And even without the spore greandes, there’s still the aoe cloaking too.
-Sunny&Torvalds crazy damage… Yes, they can punish you greatly. The only chance you have is flitting around un-engaged in the air. Aftershock? Don’t even bother! I have to grind this stupid skill for mastery… Just to get face-stamped by Sunny&Torvald!

So thank you… Thank you SO MUCH for making this AWESOME game… and then making it UNPLAYABLE.

  • Slims damage is too high atm, and is being toned down.
    However, his heals are only good if you’re letting him shoot you, focus him and he melts. as… ANY monster…

SO don’t expect free incaps on people, without setting up for the incap first, and no - spamming ranged attacks, vortex and banshee’s randomly waiting for SOMEONE to get below 60%. is NOT setting up for an attack.
and the shield drone has a charge up time. so WHEN you setup for the attack. either destroy it. or hit someone else twice with auto’s before goign for an incap on another plaeyr. this way the drone is on him/her.
or hell… Line of sight it…

[quote=“Forestlight, post:1, topic:52518”]
Sunny&Torvalds crazy damage
[/quote]Sunnys damage is getting tuned down in the coming patch.

torvalds damage punishes monsters who dont think before they act, move, attack, run.

Im sorry, because i have to say it here - you need to get better


You got outplayed and that’s all there is to it.

I would really like to know more though, they won how? timer? killed you?


You do make it sound like you played really badly OP. All you had to do was go aggressive on Slim.

What was your skill build? If you didn’t have Lightning Strike level 3 that was probably a big factor to it. You mention Aftershock which is a terrible choice in general but even worse vs Torvald and Sunny as it sets you up for Mortars and Nuke spam.


Actually it’s pretty easy for Kraken to take out the shield drone. A couple banshee mines do the trick. There’s a delay before a newly deployed drone can start shielding.

Fly out of the spore cloud and focus slim. Once he goes down it’s basically game over.


That Slim had to be damn good to keep a Kraken in the spore cloud.

OP, do appreciate that hitting a kraken with the Mini-nuke is not easy, and the mortars and spore launcher as well.

EDIT: yeah reading about leveling aftershock. that would do it. Kudos for not exploiting the current traversal bug with it.


I’m really curious to how you lost this lol… 2 strikes on all
This is all you had to do, fly in, melee anyone apart from sunny to attract shield, lightning sunny, sunny’s dead. Finish the rest. So simple


Difficult to gauge without video, but thid combo is nowhere near that powerful. Slim’s healing is bad. No two ways about it.

I have no idea how you lost but it’s safe to say this was thanks to the players, nit the characters.


iam sorry but thats an l2p issue

especially if they got 2 strikes

especially as kraken…

ure making slim and sunny almost useless


You are somewhat correct. What I am hearing is that “I need to conform to a singular way of playing monster”. I wanted to take advantage of a situation that I created (a KILLED hunter) and press my advantage. Nothing that I did was random. I pressed and gave 6 strikes to 3 hunters. But could not finish the job.

It’s an issue of prioritization and recovery: With this particular synergy: You are forcing the monster to flee even if at an advantage by maximizing shield drone (which will protect the medic from consecutive shots). Beyond this, it’s impossible to identify “who’se who” while in a spore cloud. So what do you do? Fly away again… Isn’t this EXACTLY what prompted wraith nerf? The maximization of DPS from Sunny&Torvald will force you away from Slim when he is down. A GOOD sunny will pop stealth and pick him up… Easy.

I didn’t expect any “free strikes”… I earned all 7 I gave our that last match.

Your assessment is “run more, set up your ambushes, get better”.

Snuck at launch, got clear, ate under caves until stage2. Still clear, easily evade hunters until I maximize my armor. While stalking hunters, I notice that ALL of them are at low HP. The assault gets eaten by a megamouth, and I take the moment of split (when the medic and support switch back to help the assault) to pounce and kill the trapper.

By this time, the trio of remaining forces (wounded) come at me. I easily add strikes to all of them, and realize that I have an advantage. Fighting in a canyon furthered my advantage as I downed people in a canyon, and fought from above.

Slims spore grenades prevented me from seeing what was going on. Moved in closer to attempt to clear sunny’s shield drone and push the advantage closer in (after repeatedly downing people).

At closer range, I move in to kill slim… who gets saved by the shield drone. I move in to destroy the shield drone… but could not. I look back for slim, but he was not visible due to spore bomb. I move in to press on Torvald… who is saved by his personal shield. I move in on Sunny, who cloaks. This loss of time cost me my armor. I managed to pry a second round of strikes juggling this at the cost of too much health. I attempt to flee and evolve/grow, but once on the move, torvald & sunny follow and melt me with leading mortars and nukes.

Game over… dead by rain of fire. I suspect it took… 8 minutes? Only 3 of which was in combat. I don’t see any way of pulling up a replay…


Slim’s healing potential is great…its just bar none the worst against any kind of focused damage. Its why he has the spore launcher and pairs well with Sunny or Hank, Hank especially.

Banshee mines, especially if it only takes 2 would be an amazing counter to the shield drone. Can it be instantly replaced? Yes and no. It can be placed immediately but it has to charge first.

As for Torvald, keep him tumbling with Vortex and he can’t do anything. Sitting still you might as well wrap yourself up in a big bow for him.


I didn’t play that badly. 6 strikes and a kill(seventh strike), that’s not the sign of someone playing poorly.

Skill build was 2x vortex, 2x LS, 2x aftershock (I took it for hunting… did pretty good actually). If this skill is terrible, why are so many people complaining about it being OP. And why force a monster to have a terrible skill that is needed for unlocks. I did not use it in direct combat for the reasons you suggest. I used it only in combat once to apply the second strike to Slim. Beyond that, it was just for hunting.

Had no mines. Mines are great… Was trying aftershock for hunting, and was being extra quiet (which mines are not).

The slim was mediocre. 6 strikes on 3 hunters. The difficulty was in the synergy. As far as not exploiting the traversal bug… TY :slight_smile: Apparently that makes me a bad player though judging from responses.

Rose, I respect your opinion. I’m sorry I have no recording. But I see this group of hunters EVERY TIME I PLAY… and it’s always the same story… Even if I’m not the monster. The match we played before I was the monster we MELTED the Behemoth before Stage2… The player left, it was horrible.


No offense or anything but if you kill the trapper, you basically have control when to fight and leave. So to die to a team without trapper is basically you making wrong decisions when to leave and fight.
You probably deserved the loss if you didn’t leave when you could’ve.


u just played poorly krakens strenght especially vs sunny and slim is just raining down death from range…


Fleeing from Sunny+Torvald is not easy. Jetpack Boost+mortar wielding cyborg = A10 Warthog on Shear.

I could have disengaged, I chose to stick it and apply strikes/kills. I failed for the reasons I mentioned above. And it matters EVEN LESS… Because if I could not maximize an advantage vs. 3 hunters with strikes, then it would not have been any better vs. 4 with strikes.

And that’s exactly how I plied 6 strikes to 3 hunters… that makes me a poor player.


if u cant kill them with each on 2 strikes and without a trapper?

yes u fucked up in the end


Surely you had something other than aftershock? All of his moves help escape from hunters, excluding aftershock. And you should be able to escape an assualt lol.
If you choose to kill them, good. But if the situation is looking bad, then get out of there. Not just blindly fight and complain.


After reviewing the responses, I clearly made two errors while palying.

Tip1: Don’t touch the ground when fighting Sunny&Torvald. Clearly, this is a path to victory. I wonder how the other 3/4 of the monsters will handle this.
Tip2: Learn 2 play… because I suck apparently… Despite playing for over a month and a half, learning the ins and outs of the game, reading up on all the balance discussions, monster how-to’s, and putting those skills to work providing tons of entertainment and victories against every other set of hunters but this set… isn’t actually learning the game, I’m clearly a noob.

I’ve said my part, and I thank you all for the expected outcome. Best wishes and good luck finding more monsters for your games.


If you had them all at that many strikes you atleast were doing something right and meaned you downed them all. If you did it at the same time you would have won. Not sure how that makes them op when technically they could have easily lost to you just as easily as you lost.


Trapper is the last player to get heal/shielded/boosted for a reason
They have very low impact when the monster brings the fight to them
The only thing you lose is the CC from trapper
and unless its griffin it wouldn’t have all that much impact