Rant about game


I killed this Laz in this one game as the goliath, run away to get a shield and 30 seconds later he’s alive and so is his whole team, the dropship didnt come down yet mind you. So why the hell is he alive? Another game today I ate a body and laz still revived it…WTF…there should be a longer timer on the glove, especially during fights. Some will say eat the body? Not so easy when you’re being riddled with bullets. You go try to focus someone else and before you know it the guy you just killed is back to full health while your health just steady drops. I try to chase laz but he just goes invis and hides behind his team…Sunny Laz combo is OP. Also why so many birds? I swear everytime I eat theres some damn birds…not so easy getting around the map with that. If you’re playing against maggie or griffin even worse. I say make the monsters feel more like monsters and buff them or nerf these cheap azz hunters. I was just playing now and quit a game because I get so mad. Im bout to quit this POS game.


If you ate the body, I dunno how he rezed em.

If you killed the guys, and they were still whole he can rez them for a relatively decent while after they’re gone.

Dunno mate.

Maybe there’s some jank with hacking and aoe heal burst, and you’re finding lazes who self rez though cheats?


yeah man i killed laz on broken hill mine map i remember it perfectly went away for a few seconds to get my shield up and came back laz was alive and so was one other person i killed. there was still like a minute on the dropship


another problem i have is joining games in progress…why the hell make me join a game where i lose before I even get to play? I will join and ten seconds later it will say the hunters/monster has won… its happened multiple times…So stupid. Or joining a game thats halfway over and the hunter ive got has two strikes.


When I play as behemoth and use fissure sometimes it doesn’t go and then sometimes when I’m using Parnell super soldier doesn’t work either I activate it and nothing happens.


waiting to load into a game and it found 4 players, I think Im going to load into a game and instead it says lost connection. I know this is not on my end. fix ur servers


Today I was climbing up a wall as the behemoth and instead of climbing up i got stuck inside the wall. I recorded it.


git gud

everything uve said seems like lacking game knowledge


good thing everything im ranting about is fundamentals of the game that should be fixed


I’ve miscounted a few hunters before, like I could have sworn I was killing the last one, but NOPE! Lol.

When it comes to Laz, sometimes you just have to admit defeat during a battle and run away so you can get more armor. Go with the philosophy that he may have won the battle, but he’s not going to win the war :wink:


this game is so gay, first match ive played in days and im 3rd stage and it just randomly disconnects me, fix your servers mongoloids